The City Bowl Market

Capetonians love their markets. And when I say love, I mean L.O.V.E. Was there ever a city so enamoured with weekend markets? I don’t think so. But I must admit, there’s a lot to love about the City Bowl Market, a.k.a. the Hope Street Market.

There are a number of things that make it different, too. To begin with, it’s not only open on the weekends, although the Saturday 9am to 2pm slot is very popular. There’s also a Thursday evening market, from 4.30pm to 8.30pm, if you’re looking for somewhere different to grab some dinner. The market is housed in a large hall right in the middle of the City Bowl, and they set up hay bales for seating in the centre of the hall, with a wide range of vendors around the edges. Downstairs it’s all about food – fresh fruit and vegetables (at deliciously low prices), baked treats, fresh chicken and meat straight from the farm and all kinds of prepared food – from pies to Asian food, smoothies to ice lollies. And then there’s the treats: fudge, cupcakes, nuts, biltong etc etc etc. It’s pretty much an avenue of temptation.

One of the other things that sets the City Bowl Market apart is their Fashion Market. The upstairs section of the hall is converted into a space where fashionistas and jewellery lovers can shop to their heart’s desire, all from local designers and shops. And the next incarnation of the City Bowl Market? A Wine Market, where six or seven wineries will be offering tastes of their finest bottles.

Rather than remaining content with their initial offering, the City Bowl Market is constantly evolving to ensure it remains one of Cape Town’s favourite markets… So far, the method is definitely working. Find out more on their website, or pop into the market this weekend.

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