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The Ultimate Australian Adventure Guide

Australia’s everchanging scenery provides the perfect setting for the traveller in search of a truly adventurous escape. This extraordinary playground is teeming with a dizzying array of activities to suit the varying adrenaline levels of its visitors. Fly Qantas Airways, the Spirit of Australia, who offer the one of the quickest connections to Australia to experience these quintessential adventures for the traveller in search of ultimate thrills and excitement.

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Adrenaline Level 1 – 5

Do you find yourself being the jacket or bag carrier of your squad as your friends head off on spine-chilling adventures? Fear not, find little pockets of adventure to suit your preference.

Keep Climbing, The View is Worthwhile

What better way to soak in the iconic Sydney skyline than with a climb up The Sydney Harbour Bridge? Safe for children as young as 8, the climb is an easy and safe walk with lots of stairs that offer unrivalled views of the harbour and cityscape and is a thrill like no other. You can opt to watch the morning’s first light on a sunrise walk, the city come alive on a night climb, the sky light up in warm hues on a sunset climb or enjoy the bustling city life on a day climb.

Let’s Get Wild

Explore the pristine wilderness of Kangaroo Island and experience nature in all its wonder. The lush bushlands and towering sand dunes form the perfect back drop to the white sand beaches where you will find sea-lions basking in the sun as pelicans soar over the shimmering lagoon. Enjoy unique encounters with the indigenous wildlife, catching glimpses of the humble koala dozing in the eucalyptus or the kangaroo grazing in the nearby cliffside.


Ever spend hours on end watching cat or even hamster videos and wondered what it’s like for a hamster inside a hamster ball. It’s your lucky day? Head on over to the Wet ‘n’ Wild Adventure Park in Vanatu and dabble in the large array of activities on offer. Apart from the human slingshots, water slides and go carts, the park boasts one of the longest zorbing rides worldwide. Jump into these inflatables and enjoy a thrill ride down the hill. For something a little different, form a team and play zorb soccer. Players wear a mini-zorb and try to score in the opponent’s goal providing endless hours of laughter.

A Little Dirt Never Hurt Nobody

As much as a ride in a South African mini bus taxi may sound like an adventure in its own right, nothing beats an exhilarating joy ride along the seemingly endless stretch of pristine coastline. Fraser Island offers unique 4X4 adventures passing red-streaked sand dunes, whales breach off-shore and stopping at iconic shipwrecks. Head inlands and venture through subtropical rainforests splashing through the clear streams and lakes that pepper the lush terrain. End your 4X4 adventures around the campfire and sleep under the stars with the soft sand as your cushion.

Hike Off

Strap on your hiking boots and summit Mount Kosciuszko to be rewarded by panoramic views of glacier carved landscapes and the rolling hills of nearby green pastures. Mount Kosciuszko is the highest peak in Australia and the unpredictable weather renders a truly once in a lifetime adventure. There are hiking trails suited to the varying fitness levels of hikers from the 13km walk to the peak, to the child-friendly 4km walk to the Lookout Point.

Adrenaline Level 6 – 10

Looking for epic stories to tell your kids and grandchildren, like the ones your parents retell of their heroic efforts battling storms all barefoot to get to school? Let the adventure story telling begin…

Sea Spray Thrills

Start your adrenaline-soaked adventure by soaring over the charming scenery of the Buccaneer Archipelago featuring 800 islands dotted among turquoise waters. Upon landing, the pulsating energy never dies as you hop onto a jet board and zoom at high speeds past untouched nature across the simmering waters, through the powerful rapids squeezing through narrow gaps of Horizontal Falls.

Caution! Wet and Slippery

Immerse yourself in the underwater paradise and “be part of that world” exploring the rich diversity and technicolour coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy close encounters with Australia’s endangered and protected sea life while exploring signature wreckages like the SS Yongala. For the ultimate Great Barrier Reef experience, go on a hair raising, spine chilling cage dive with the mighty Great White Shark.

Let’s Go Rafting

The intricate network of breath-taking scenery, primeval natural beauty and sheer power of the Franklin River is the perfect setting for a great rafting adventure. Declared a World Heritage Area and one of the last wild rivers on Earth, the mighty Franklin River plays host to unforgettable rafting adventures, providing a truly unparalleled experience which challenges travellers and leaves them with a profound appreciation for the grandeur of the river. No prior experience in rafting necessary.

Warning. Adventure Ahead

The limestone cliffs, iconic Three Sisters rock pinnacles, roaring waterfalls and lush forests of the Blue Mountains National Park is the perfect canvas on which to paint an activity-packed day trip. Experience the serenity of the wilderness by abseiling down the sheer face of the limestone cliffs soaking in the unrivalled views of the forest as you descend into the misty blue haze of the wilderness. The Blue Mountains National Park also offers other exciting ways to explore the area like canyoning, rock climbing and mountain bike rides.

Get High

Do you have the flair for the dramatic and want to live out your lifelong dream of touching down after a skydive to kiss and caress the ground thanking the gods for sparing your life? Then Australia offers picturesque dropzones to help you embrace the thrill, from the beach panaromas of Byron beach, the rugged coastlines of the Great Ocean Road to the turquoise waters surrounding Rottnest Island. For adrenaline junkies looking for the ultimate plunge while hitting terminal velocity, Australia is the place to be.

Pump up the Adrenaline with Qantas

Qantas Airways want to help you live out your thrilling adventure by connecting you to the major cities of Australia and New Zealand. Qantas operates direct flights six times a week from Johannesburg to Sydney, making it that much easier and faster to travel. Furthermore, Qantas has an unrivalled domestic network with flights to over 60 Australian towns and cities and quick connections to New Zealand as well. With dedication to providing authentic Australian hospitality, Qantas Airways has also been named the world’s safest airline by for 4 years running. See for yourself.

Share your adventure stories and pictures with us, about your travel to Australia. Feeling a little inspired to begin your adventure story? Do not hestitate, book cheap Qantas flights on Travelstart today. Be sure to also share what’s on your adventure bucket list?

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