Top Visa-Free Destinations For South Africans

[Updated: October 2019]

No more visa admin, simply buy the ticket and go! Travelstart brings you our top visa-free destinations for South Africans. Forget about the long visa application processes, the waiting times, where to take pictures and all that. Take the chance to enjoy these amazing locales without worrying about what kind of visa you need.

Visa-Free Destinations in Europe

The Republic of Ireland

Cliffs of Moher visa free destinations

Photo credit: @nixineon via Instagram

Rolling green fields, majestic cliffs and cosy pubs in Dublin and Cork. And the best part? Ireland is one of the visa-free countries for South African passport holders. No queueing for a visa.

90 days visa-free.


Moscow architecture visa-free countries for South Africans

Why should you visit Russia? To discover fantastic scenery and fascinating culture, of course! Admire the colourful architecture in Moscow and St. Petersburg, stand in awe of the magnificent Altai Mountains, and enjoy an incredible creative talent, including literature and art,  spanning numerous generations.

Visa-free for 90 days.


Scenic Tblisi Georgia

Prepare to explore amazingly diverse landscapes and immerse yourself in a rich culture in Georgia! If you love learning more about European history and enjoying nature in grand proportions, this visa-free destination is the place to go.

Visa-free for 1 year.


Thrilling hot air ballooning in Turkey

Discover the exotic history, intriguing culture and diverse landscapes that are unique to Turkey. Check out the numerous world-famous ruins and monuments, such as the soaring Byzantine dome of Aya Sofya, and the scenic Lycian ruins on the Mediterranean beaches.

Note, that while Turkey is not totally visa-free, you can easily apply for one online for free. Valid for 30 days.

Visa-Free Countries in Asia & Oceania

Hong Kong

Hong Kong visa free countries for south africans

Explore this high-tech, fascinating city. Beyond its futuristic appeal, discover the exceptional culture and cuisine in Hong Kong, and explore lush nature reserves.

Visa-free for 30 days.


Kelimutu National Park visa free destinationsA vast and beautiful collection of volcanic islands in South East Asia home to incredible natural phenomena such as this lake which changes colour in the Kelimutu National Park. You’ll be happy to know that the holiday gem of Indonesia is one of the visa-free destinations for South Africans, but only as long as you enter via specific airports.

Visa-free for 30 days


Beautiful coast of Fiji visa free countries for South African passport holders

White sand, entire islands to yourself, crystal sea water like you’ve never seen before. Yes, Fiji is a seriously far plane trip from SA but once you’re there you can bask in the knowledge that you can stay on the island four months visa-free.


Island adventures in Thailand

Delicious cuisine, historic architecture, golden beaches and an energetic nightlife! That’s just some of the top highlights Thailand offers you. Don’t miss out on the friendly welcome you’ll receive at one of the best visa-free destinations in the world.

Visa-free for 30 days 


Picturesque coastline in the Philippines visa-free destinations

Island adventures, vibrant cities and incredible heritage sites; that’s what you’ll experience in the Philippines. More than 7,000 islands are waiting to be discovered. Enjoy thrilling activities, such as surfing, kiteboarding, ziplining and more!

Visa-free for 30 days.


San Marina Bay Singapore visa-free destinations

One of the top destinations in Asia, Singapore is where you can admire the fantastic futuristic architecture, incredible green spaces and the interesting Peranakan culture. You won’t fail to experience the intense shopping scene at one of the best visa-free countries for South Africans.

Visa-free for 30 days.


Medhufushi Island Resort Maldives

Treat yourself to the magical experience that finds its home in the Maldives. Boasting an unmatched sense of luxury, pristine beaches and underwater adventures, this is a destination you must not miss!

Note, that while the Maldives is not visa-free, you can get your visa for free on arrival. Valid for 90 days.

The Great South & Central American Trip

The most visa-free countries for South Africans lie grouped together in South And Central America. This is a back-packers dream trip, buy a ticket to Sao Paulo and spend six months to a year exploring multiple fascinating countries free of visa worries.


Ateneo Grand Splendid visa free destinationsBeautiful architecture, quality steak and the most romantic dance in the world, the tango. These are just a few of the stunning highlights Argentina has to offer you as one of the top visa-free destinations in the world.

90 days visa-free.


Rio De Janeiro-visa-free countries for South Africans

Home to the samba, sizzling beach bodies and the most incredible street fiestas in the world, not to mention the Amazon forest and cold acai for breakfast. If you’re seeking a party destination, Brazil is the place to go!

90 days visa-free.


llama at Los Flamencos National Reserve visa-free destinations

See why you should check out one of the best visa-free countries for South Africans. Spectacular national parks, expansive landscapes, charming alpacas, some stunning beaches, snowy mountains and delicious Chilean food.

90 days visa-free.


Bolivar Y Cuenca visa-free countries for South Africans

Home to the Galapagos islands and intact 16th and 17th-century churches and palaces. Ecuador is one of those magical destinations you have to visit, and that’s why it’s one of the top visa-free countries for South African passport holders.

90 days visa-free.


panama City sunset visa-free destinations

Panama is home to the eponymous canal and hat. The capital, Panama City, is a laid-back city with many cafés and bars spilling out on to bougainvillaea-filled cobbled streets.

180 days visa-free.


Machu Pichu

Why does Peru go on this list of the top visa-free destinations? Machu Pichu of course! Visit the remains of this ancient Incan citadel high in the Andes Mountains.

180 days visa-free.


Angel Falls visa-free destinations

Photo credit: @poezdki_vokrug_sveta via Instagram

What makes Venezuela such an amazing place? Outstanding natural beauty, including Angel Falls, the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, as well as the gorgeous Caribbean coast and tropical forests.

90 days visa-free.

Costa Rica

Playa Escondilla and Playa Manuel Antonio

Home to a sloth sanctuary and many beautiful waterfalls and rainforests. These are just a few of the treasures you will find in Costa Rica, one of the best visa-free destinations.

Visa-free 90 days.

Visa-Free Destinations Close to Home

Réunion Island

sup yoga reunion visa-free destinations for south africans

Photo credit: @luxsaintgilles via Instagram

Just a 4-hour flight from Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo International Airport, beautiful tropical Réunion Island has it all, including mountains, waterfalls, french pastries, perfect beaches and even an active volcano.

Though Réunion Island is a department of France, it has a 90 days visa-free policy for South Africans.


Beautiful resort in Mauritius

Get in touch with the enticing outdoors in Mauritius! Explore the scenic rainforests, national parks, waterfalls, and lagoons, adventure among the reefs, indulge in the electrifying nightlife, or simply relax on the picturesque beaches. Do all that and more at one of the top visa-free countries for South Africans.

Visa-free for 90 days.


The road to Mapai in Mozambique

Treat yourself to unforgettable adventures in places such as the Gorongosa National Park and the Bazaruto Archipelago. Explore streets populated by colonial-style architecture. Immerse yourself in the pulsating nightlife. All that and more is waiting for you in Mozambique!

Visa-free for 90 days.


Magnificent elephant in Tutume visa-free destinations

Botswana boasts some of the very best game parks in the world. That’s just one reason why it’s one of the best visa-free countries for South Africans.

Visa-free for 90 days.


Maloti Drakensberg Park Lesotho visa-free destinations

Right on South Africa’s doorstep, Lesotho has so much to offer including horseback rides through incredible mountain scenery, ancient rock-formations, rock paintings, friendly people and authentic hospitality.

Visa-free 90 days.


Grand Anse Beach Seychelles visa-free destinations

This is the place where newlyweds go to indulge in a romantic honeymoon, where beach bums soak up the sun, and where adventurers go diving and snorkelling in the warm waters. Seychelles should definitely go on your list of visa-free destinations!

A visitor’s permit on arrival. Valid for 30 days.


Serengeti National Park visa-free destinationsTanzania is home to affordable game parks, the winding alleys of Stone Town and some of the best beaches in the world. Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar are just a short, inexpensive flight from Johannesburg or Cape Town. Experience everything that one of the top visa-free destinations has to offer you!

90 days visa-free.

Now you know about the best visa-free countries for South Africans! Where do you plan to go first?

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