Your Travel Checklist – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Flight Booking Confirmation

You need to bring the confirmation reference(s) and a valid, accepted form of photo identification for each passenger (including children and infants) when checking in for all flights. Please ensure that you have confirmation from all carriers for all legs of your journey. Failure to produce valid photo proof of identity matching the names on your reservation may result in you being refused check-in without refund.

In some cases, if you’ve booked Mango Airlines for example, you’ll need to produce the Credit Card used to pay for the booking when checking in for your flight.

Travelling With Minors

Read about the new Unabridged Birth Certificate affecting all minors travelling in an out of South Africa from 1 June 2015.


Your passport is the number one important thing for flights to other countries. In the days leading up to your trip, ensure your passport is in a safe place, but not so safe that you can’t find it on the day of your departure. In the months before you depart, check that your passport is still valid, and, as a general guideline, make sure the little green mamba has at least 6 months validity left on it at all times. If you want to know about how to go about renewing your passport, check out this blog.


Remember to call you bank and let them know your travel details so you can use your card abroad without hassle.

Flight Status

Be aware of possible schedule changes (this should be done before each flight), and have a look at to see whether or not your airline is being kind to you. Travelstart cannot assume responsibility for any schedule changes made by the airline that might affect your itinerary.


Luggage restrictions can be a confusing beast to navigate but your allowance should be specified on you ticket. Remember to check this, and remove the family cat from your case if need be.

Have you specified a special meal request, and requested assistance at the airport? Ask your agent to help you out or speak directly to your airline before you get to the airport?

Please check that you have the necessary travel documents (such as passport and visa) to enter the countries on your itinerary. Please note that further travel documents might also be needed for countries in which you only transfer. Contact the country's embassy or consulate for the latest passport and visa information.

Health Advice

Consult your Doctor to verify if any vaccinations such as Yellow Fever might be needed, and be mindful that you might need Ebola clearance for flights to Indonesia.

Kindly note that it is the responsibility of passengers to have the correct documents for the entire journey to avoid being denied boarding by the airline on the day of departure.

Check-In At The Airport

We encourage you to check-in at least two hours before departure to avoid missing your flight. For travel to the USA, we encourage you to check-in at least three hours before departure as increased security checks are conducted.

The standard opening times for check-in desks are two hours before departure and we strongly recommend that you check-in early, taking into account delays in getting to the airport, as well as possible delays at the airport.

Most airlines close their check-in desks 40 minutes before scheduled time of departure. Carriers fully reserve the right to refuse boarding to any passengers who do not comply with these check-in deadlines. Travelstart holds no responsibility for passengers arriving late for check in.

All bookings are subject to the Conditions of Carriage of the airlines(s) you are travelling with. These can be viewed on the relevant carrier websites. Travelstart would like to advise all passengers to take out travel insurance, and keep some local currency cash on you in case airport taxes are payable at the airport.

Connecting Flights

Please be aware that all of the low-cost carriers operate as point to point airlines. You will have to collect your baggage at the end of each flight, even if you are taking a connecting flight with the same airline. Your baggage will not be checked through to your final destination. The customer is responsible for checked-in baggage.

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