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The Best Coffee Destinations Around the World

In search of the world’s perfect Cup o’ Joe? Some say life is too short to have bad coffee, that’s why we decided to round-up some of the best coffee destinations in the world:


For many people, Turkish coffee is just too strong, yet their rich, black coffee has excited many other travellers. In Istanbul, coffee baristas roast and grind beans into a fine powder. As a traditional method, the beans are boiled with water and sugar in a cezve (pot). Usually, the coffee isn’t run through a sieve, so expect a couple of powdery granules.

Signature coffee: Turkish coffee (Türk kahve)


Paris has without a doubt some of the world’s most alluring cafés. However, many people say that their coffee is over-brewed and cannot compare with the rest of the world’s best coffee cities. Yet, because of its amazing café culture, sipping coffee here – even sub-par coffee – is often well worth it.

Signature coffee: French roast


Italy’s first coffee shop was opened in 1683 in Venice’s Piazza San Marco, but it wasn’t until 1906 that their famous espresso made a name for itself. A formality after each meal, you’ll often find the locals enjoying a coffee outdoors during their daily siesta. Each region has it’s own signature twist – a cappuccino Viennese in Trentino is sprinkled with cinnamon and chocolate, a caffe d’u parrinu in Sicily is flavoured with cinnamon, cloves and cocoa powder.

Signature coffee: Espresso


The lively cafés of Tel Aviv boast a variety of coffees as they love to serve both ice-café (iced coffee) in the summer and botz (hot coffee) in the winter. Expect a dark, intense, very rich brew.

Signature coffee: Ice café


Havana is known for its irresistible café culture, especially in the form of a café Cubano, which is basically an espresso shot infused with demerara sugar. It is delicious! The coffee is tiny, creamy, sweet and packed with caffeine. Definitely one for espresso lovers!

Signature coffee: Espresso


Often referred to as ‘the place where coffee was born’, Addis Ababa makes coffee a ritual. It is well-known that Ethiopians might invite their guests into their homes for a lengthy coffee ritual. They love to grind and brew the coffee beans together  – sometimes for hours – and boil the coffee in a traditional clay pot called a “jebena.” It’s worth the wait!

Signature coffee: Macchiato


If you’ve never tasted a Vietnamese coffee before, be prepared for a bittersweet experience. The bitter black coffee is strained through a filter into your cup, laced with sugar syrup or condensed milk for a sweet kick. The modern coffee shops serve up more comforting options like frothy egg coffee with yoghurt served in a glass. Go for a guided city tour of Hanoi’s coffee bars, or go further afield to the original coffee plantations of Dalat.

Signature coffee: Ca phe da or coconut coffee

Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s coffee culture is something to behold, especially in the form of the chorreado. Hot water is poured over a fine-clock bag, filtering through fresh coffee grounds into a cup. If you’re up for some adventure, there are plenty of coffee tours scattered throughout Costa Rica, taking you through local villages, between wildlife and behind waterfalls.

Signature coffee: Café chorreado

There’s our pick of eight of the best coffee destinations around the world for any caffeine lover. Ready to follow the coffee trail to your favourite city?

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