5 reasons to visit Ireland

If you’re contemplating a trip to the Emerald Isle, allow me to convince you with these five highlights….

  1. The people
    It’s true! Irish people are as wonderful as they say. Friendly, warm, funny and with possibly the best accents in the world, the Irish are only too happy to welcome strangers into their homes until they become friends. They’re also fantastic storytellers and musicians, so you’re in for an entertaining time.
  2. The Guinness
    A freshly poured pint of Guinness in Ireland tastes unlike any of the canned relatives you might be able to get in other parts of the world. If you have any interest at all in beer, you deserve to get to the homeland of the strong black pint.
  3. The rolling green hills
    It’s not called the Emerald Isle for nothing! Ireland is so gloriously green that it almost feels as if someone has come along and Photoshopped the whole place. Actually it’s just because of the rain that falls almost constantly, but the result is the same: picturesque, jewel-like scenes around every corner.
  4. The history
    You just can’t get away from it – there’s history at every turn. Whether it’s a crumbling ruin or an ancient farmhouse, a cemetery full of Celtic crosses or a cobblestoned town, this is one country that has thoroughly embraced their past and is proud to celebrate it, every day.
  5. The craic
    It’s pronounced “crack” and it means fun. No matter what you’re doing in Ireland – whether you’re nursing a pint in one of the pubs, or walking along a trail surrounded by green fields, sheep and handmade stone walls, listening to a musician busk on the side of the road in Dublin or wandering around soaking up the busy nightlife – there is fun to be had around every corner. This is a country that welcomes tourists not for the money they can make off them, but because they’re always keen to welcome a stranger in from the cold.

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