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Who we are

Travelstart is Africa’s leading online travel agency that helps today’s business and leisure travellers search, compare and book the best flight, bus, hotel, car hire, holiday packages and activities all in one place.

With a huge focus on affordable travel and simplifying the travel booking experience for our customers, visit the Travelstart website or download the Travelstart app, to find some of the lowest fares around. Pay quickly and safely online with your preferred payment method and you’re off!

What we believe

Freedom is a wonderful word. Our freedom was given to us by our parents and grandparents. Millions sacrificed their lives so we could sip skinny lattes at Brandenburger Tor Gate, go shopping on Corzo Venezia in Milan or surf in Jeffreys Bay. We take freedom for granted, like oxygen. But it’s slowly been chipped away. Thousands of invisible battles are fought every day in front of our very eyes. Increased government control, corporate corruption, red tape, social media censorship, surveillance in the name of protection, fake news, price fixing. The list is endless.

Travelstart assists and upholds our precious freedom to move, to meet, to be curious, to go to exotic locations and to explore new cultures and be inspired by new people. We help you to meet with distant relatives, to make business across borders, lovers to meet and to keep the world an open place. Freedom to Move is precious ­to us and something we find worth fighting for. It’s something we find worth living for.


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Travelstart Core Values

Our vibrant company culture is kept alive by the 4 core values we live by…

Keep it simple

Embrace artful simplicity in every task you take on, with the team and the Travelstart customer in mind

Romance the customer

Listen. Action feedback. Go over and above. The Travelstart experience is both efficient and enjoyable.

Swim upstream

Challenges exist yet creativity comes from necessity. Stay agile and seize opportunities in adversity.

Warrior spirit

To succeed against all odds, to make travel simple, we are always challenging ourselves and the norm.

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The Travelstart Story

Founded in Sweden in 1999, Travelstart is the brainchild of entrepreneur, former DJ and family man Stephan Ekbergh. In true start-up fashion, Sweden’s first online travel agency was initially run from an old coffee roastery in Helsingborg. Nearly two decades, plenty of learning, growth and one African immigration later, Stephan still heads up TravelLab Group (TLG) from sunny South Africa.

Now based in Cape Town, Travelstart operates in 8 countries with offices in other core markets including Nigeria, Egypt and Dubai. With the Travelstart Group including SafariNow, NightsBridge, Club Travel and Flightsite, our travel family consists of 170 staff spread across 8 cities, all passionate about making travel simple in Africa and the Middle East.

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