5 Reasons Why You Need to Add Malawi to Your African Bucket List

Experience the Warm Heart of the People

Malawi regards itself as “The Warm Heart of Africa” and once you step foot in this beautiful land, you will immediately understand why this statement rings true.

The locals are warm at heart and you will truly feel at ease when touring their country. Tourists are welcomed with open arms with the greeting of “Takulandirani muli bwanji?” (Welcome, how are you?) and you are constantly made aware of why Malawi is such a great tourist destination.

Malawians are a proud nation of people and even more so of their pride and joy, Lake Malawi.

Take a Dip in Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi stretches far beyond your wildest dreams and is often referred to as the Lake of Stars by locals. It covers a significant part of the Malawian landscape and crosses over into Tanzania where it is known as Lake Nyasa and Mozambique where it goes by Lago Niassa. Lake Malawi is the ninth largest in the world and boasts crystal clear fresh water and is home to the highest biodiversity of fresh water fish in the world.

Forget about those Indian Ocean island dreams and choose to spend a few days at the lake by soaking up some sun, snorkelling or just give those arms a workout with a lovely kayak paddle along the shores. With a range of great accommodation resorts and lodges to choose from, all that is required from you is to relax and take in the sights and sounds of this amazing place, the experience is well worth it.

Visit Lake Malawi National Park, an UNESCO-World Heritage Site and first freshwater National Park worldwide.

Mumbo Island – Image Source: https://kayakafrica.co.za

Enjoy the Wildlife

Those in search of the Big Five will have a ball, as Malawi has them all. National parks such as Liwonde National Park offers great daytime game drives as well as beautiful sunset drives for those with a keen interest in sighting nocturnal animals.

Liwonde National Park is located along the banks of the Shire River (pronounced Shi-ra) and boasts beautiful accommodation facilities in the form of Mvuu Lodge & Camp, ideal for honeymooners, holiday goers and family getaways.

Set off on an adventure and say “Hi” to the likes of the hippo, warthogs, yellow baboons- watch out for the crocs and see the majestic elephant roaming these parts too. Other parks to be on the lookout for are Majete Game Reserve, Lake Malawi National Park and Lengwe National Park.

Malawi is a real haven for all creatures big and small.

Liwonde National Park

Indulge in Some Local Cuisine

As with visiting any new county, you should be tempted to give the local cuisine a go and with Malawi having the lake at its disposal, it is only natural that fish would be on the menu. The local dish of Chambo (fish) and Nsima (pap/maize) is enjoyed by all and is widely available.

If you have not tried Chambo and Nsima then you have not experienced Malawi. It’s absolutely delicious whether your preference is to have it grilled, fried or perhaps served as fish cakes you just have to give it a try. Other foods include traditional chicken stews, fried bananas, slow roasted meats as well as normal western and eastern dishes.


Hike Mount Mulanje

Mount Mulanje is located just 65 km east of Blantyre. The surrounding Mulanje District is renowned for their tea plantations. Mount Mulanje is a hiker’s paradise so best to pack in those hiker boots and set off on an exploration of discovery as you become one with nature. The rocky peaks, grasslands, gorges and rivers makes this region a perfect place to have a hike and enjoy the landscapes.


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