A Few Drinks to Try Around the World

When travelling we usually only look to try the food that is specific to that country or region, say dolmades in Greece, croissants in Paris or perhaps tapas in Spain. Yet I believe that one should always try the local beverages as well (especially if they are alcoholic). Here are a few drinks not to be missed:

Raki in Turkey

This drink is not to everyone’s liking, yet it can be very nice as a refreshing aperitif with a light snack such as nuts. It has a strong anise taste and is often served with chilled water on the side for dilution. It is quite strong. When the water is added the drink turns a milky white. It is very much similar to Greek Ouzo.

Snake wine in China

Okay, this is something most people will probably avoid, but some have dared to go this far. This drink is made by infusing whole snakes into rice wine or grain alcohol. Not for the faint-hearted for sure. It simply can’t be missed when travelling around China, you’ll see large jars with snake heads and liquid.

Bia Hoi in Vietnam

This home-brewed beer is a must when travelling through beautiful Vietnam. It is a light beer which tastes differently wherever you go, since it is only made in small batches. Delicious!

Chicha in Peru

This cloudy-looking drink looks almost like a milkshake but it has a very sour taste. Interestingly the drink is made only by women, so not to offend the mountain and corn gods. How is it made? Still in the traditional way, that is by chewing on the corn kernels. Definitely hard work.



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