A few great airplane etiquette tips

A lot of people have no idea how to behave on a plane. We all know what it’s like to sit next to that inconsiderate person. You know the one? Sighing loudly when you ask to go to bathroom or those who recline their seat so far back that your legs lose all feeling in them.

To make sure you’re not one of these folks, read these handy airplane etiquette tips:

First things first. Try to arrive on time

There’s nothing worse than a panting, screaming adult who is about to miss their flight. Arrive early, get yourself a magazine or browse at duty-free. When it comes to travelling etiquette, always rather safe than sorry.

Clearly mark your bag

All black bags basically look the same, so be sure to set your bag apart by using a coloured ribbon or sticker to make sure you don’t take someone else’s luggage.

Be kind to parents travelling with children

Don’t immediately assume the worst when a mother with a baby sits down next to you. Chances are the baby might fall asleep quickly and might even tug at your heartstrings a little with their cuteness. Not all babies are screaming monsters!

Never wake your neighbour

Don’t nudge your neighbours awake when the air hostess comes round for a drinks order. Leave it to the hostess to decide whether to wake the person next to you or not – you never know what their reaction might be.

No shoving

Everyone wants to get off the plane first, yet try not to go the route of shoving your way through everyone to get to the front first. If you have a connecting flight that you urgently need to catch, let the hostess know.


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