A few of the world’s best desserts

If you ever decide to eat your way around the world, dessert might be a good course to start with. The world offers an endless array of incredible desserts of course, yet here I have managed to single out some of my favourites treats of all time:


Best served powdered with cinnamon and sugar, this crispy on the outside and soft on the inside doughy treat is just delicious. Originally from Spain it can now be found served all over the world – with a cup of hot chocolate preferable. Really worth a try!


My favourite dessert of all time for sure! This is usually confused to be a Greek dessert, yet it is more Turkish than anything else. It is a syrupy dream made from honey, sugar, lemon juice, orange water, phyllo dough and pistachios. Mmm, nothing wrong with that sentence, am I right?

Chestnut Kintons

This is a Japanese sweet creamy candy. It is made from chestnuts, sweet potatoes, sugar of course, mirin sauce and a dash of vinegar. Not your average dessert, but it is well-worth a try.


This is a very light and fluffy dessert – even though it might look heavy at first sight – originates in the Italian town of Siena. It consists of eggs, mascarpone (a triple cheese), brandy, some ladyfingers, thick cream, marsala spice, a tad of sugar, rum, and if you prefer shaved chocolate instead of cacao.


This traditional Indian dessert is a lot like ice cream, yet it is a lot denser and much more creamier. I have tasted Kulfi that was flavoured with saffron, but it tends to be served in a variety of other flavours like almond and pistachio.

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