Airbus Presents New Airplane of the Future.

If you’re suffering from vertigo, then you’re probably not going to like the latest aircraft Airbus has come up with. Their newest model, which won’t actually take to the skies till around 2050, will be almost completely see through! No more pressing your nose against the teeny tiny windows, to see what’s happening outside, in this aircraft you will have stunning 360 degree views. Now, that’s way better than those blurry camera images of the runway you get on some airlines these days.

This new concept concocted by Airbus wouldn’t look out of place in a Star Wars and you almost expect the flight attendants to be dressed in Star Trek suits. It doesn’t only look spacious, it comes fitted out with a whole range of high-tech on-board toys. If passengers get bored with staring at the clouds that completely surround them, they can kill some time by playing virtual 3D games or do some virtual shopping in especially dedicated zones. The latter does require actual and not virtual credit cards though. The planes will also be equipped with relaxation zones where passengers can enjoy aromatherapy, acupressure or other relaxing wellness treatments while breathing in antioxidant enriched air.

And if that still doesn’t keep you busy for the entire flight, you can tell all about this super futuristic flying vessel to your loved ones at home. Yes, that’s right, no more frantic texting right before take off and after landing as this Airbus will come with supersonic communication technology to be used in-flight.

All of this is just a small tip of the gadgets-iceberg of what this Airbus has in store for its passengers. It makes you wonder what the next step will be for air travel. Who knows, maybe we will eventually be beamed up by a dude named Scotty!

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