The South African On Time Departure Index of 2012

This blog looks at the on time performance of airlines departing from South Africa’s three main airports namely Johannesburg (OR Tambo), Durban (King Shaka) and Cape Town International.

While the results help separate the ‘boys from the men’ in the case of the airlines and their on time ratings, they also show who’s hot and who’s not when it comes to the airports and their operations. Unfortunately for the airlines, they’re often the go to guys for the gripes of passengers when delays happen when often times it’s actually the fault of the airport.

How the airports (/airlines) were judged

Without getting too mathematical on you, airport operational efficiency is measured by a universally accepted standard called on time performance.

On Time Performance = Comparing [Off Block Time]* against Airline Schedule Time for Departing Flight

*Off Block Time refers to when an aircraft first pushes back from its parking bay.

So without further ado…

On Time Airlines Ratings 2012


On Time Departure Index for OR Tambo Airport – JNB

Durban King Shaka Airport

On Time Departure Index for Durban King Shaka – DUR

On Time Departure Index for Cape Town International – CPT

While embattled 1Time might be feeling a little down lately they can be proud of the fact that they’re the most on time airline in South Africa across all 3 airports. With pole position on time performances in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town the airline that boasts “more nice less price” leaves little doubt that they will be able to get you to your destination on time most of the time.

Source: ACSA

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