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Welcome to another edition of Travelstart’s FAQ Friday with me, Nick Paul. With the festive season fast approaching, many of you are looking for packages for your holiday over that time and it can get a little confusing as to what’s included in all the different rates.

Room only

This is usually the cheapest option and it just includes a room for the night. The rate is just for the room so it’s regardless of how many occupants. Anything else that you purchase (breakfast, drinks, etc) will be charged to your own account.

Bed and breakfast

This is the most common rate in South Africa and Europe and includes breakfast, coffee, tea, and juice.


This rate is usually found in resorts around the world, particularly in Mauritius and Zanzibar. It includes breakfast and dinner but all extra drinks like soft drinks and alcoholic drinks will be charged to your own account.


This is an alternative to the Half-Board option. It’s operated at resorts which have a lunchtime restaurant. It includes breakfast, lunch and dinner and drinks like soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are charged to your own account.

All inclusive

Your priciest rate is going to be the all inclusive rate. Typically this includes three meals per day plus all your alcoholic drinks and soft drinks. The drinks range is usually pretty generous but will include local soft drinks and local beers, wines and spirits. There may be a time limit which the hotel imposes on ordering alcoholic drinks so just be aware of that when you’re checking in.

Hopefully that clarified for you the different meal options that are included in the packages so that it makes a little bit more sense when you’re looking at the different rates next time.So that’s it from for this week on FAQ Friday. If you have any travel-related questions, please ask them in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

Our Readers Comments

  1. Good day,
    What is the rationally of a single person to pay more for a room as compared to two people sharing paying less rates? I am talking about what is called “per person sharing”.
    My thinking is that obviously one person will spend less water and electricity as compared to two people sharing a room.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for the interesting question.

      It would be the same as renting. A single person rent a flat for example: R5000 would be paying more then 2 people sharing (each person paying R2500)

      The hotel needs to cover their costs. So a room goes for a certain rate example: R1000 Single occupancy
      If 2 people share they will charge R650 per person sharing. Making it R1300 for the room (and that extra made on that room would go for water, electricity, extra towels used etc)

  2. Hi,
    I saw a place on the website and they are asking for 12k per person sharing, what does this mean exactly?

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      What package quote are you referring too.

      All our packages we advertise we give a breakdown of what all is included.

      If you click on our link: It will take you through to our: Travelstart Live Holiday Packages. Here we give a list of all our holiday package. Click on the “More Info” tab of the package deal you are interested in and here we give a breakdown of what woudl be included.

  3. Thanks for the informative explanation.
    I plan to take tourists from the Vaal area to explore destinations in the Mpumalanga Province. I need to know all the places of interest and affordable accommodation along the routes plus bed and breakfast rates. Please help.

    • Hi Mac,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      If you would like to make a booking / receive a quote, you are welcome to contact our direct sales team on they would love to assist.

      Please e-mail them all details of what you are looking for, number of passenger, dates and exact dates of travel, they will get back to you with a quote within 2 workings days.

  4. What the travel agent tells you this side & the reality on the other side never quite match! Not once in our resort travels did we get anything close to the “All-Inclusive Package” despite our insistence on wanting as much as possible ‘included’ up-front so that we could simply relax whilst on holiday we would always be informed that items we were told were included were not! The standard resort response was – “oh no – that’s only on the Superior/Deluxe/Midas package’ which really annoyed me as “All” means …… ALL.

    • That sounds like a horrible experience Wayne! Unfortunately there is no governing body across the world who defines these things, which means that some resorts “bend” the rules in terms of what’s included. I would take this up with the agent who booked it for you, as they should define exactly what’s included in your package when you pay.

  5. I know from experience that all-inclusive packages have a very bad effect on businesses such as restaurants and pubs etc., as the people just stay in the hotels all day and never go out to experience what the country has to offer.

  6. Please clarify ‘per person sharing’?

    • Hi Mitzie, per person sharing refers to the price per person sharing a room with another person. This means there are 2 people sharing a room at this rate. If one is a single traveller, ie, one person staying in a room, you’ll usually pay a single supplement (an extra amount) for being the only person in the room. Hotels work out rates based on 2 people in a room as a standard.

    • Hello Mitzie, thank you for contacting us! “Per person sharing” means it is the price per person if there are two people sharing the room. If you are a single you’d pay a higher price. If you have any further questions, please contact us on 0861 878 278 / +2721-468-4300 – Almene

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