American Woman Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Airport Security Staff

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by Mike Licht,

Do airport security checks annoy the hell out of you? If they do, make sure you don’t take it out on the security agents as here’s what happened to 61-year-old Yukari Mihamae after she did just that.

The American woman from Colorado who was flying from Sky Harbor in Phoenix Arizona was accused of allegedly groping a security officer’s breasts and twisting them with both her hands after refusing to go through the standard security checks and arguing with staff. She was arrested for sexual harassment. It’s still not clear why the woman decided to do this or what led her to do this and apparently it was a very out of character act for Ms Mihame according to a neighbour who was shocked to hear about her arrest.

After reading that she travels three days a week, I can vividly imagine what could have set her off. Maybe she was upset that she had to chuck a bottle of expensive water she’d just bought at the airport, because it was more than 100 ml. Perhaps she got annoyed that she was petted down like a criminal. Or it could be that it was because she felt she was treated like cattle. Etc, etc. I understand that we need security measures as the past has shown us, but sometimes I do wonder about the effectiveness of some of them.

In the mean time she has turned into an online hero for frequent flyers with an aversion to airport security checks. A Facebook page, called ‘Acquit Yukari Mihamae’, was set up and it has already gathered over 3,000 fans. They are mostly people who are fed up with intrusive security measures especially those done by the American security company TSA which has gotten some bad press of late for checking a 94- year-old woman’s nappy before she was allowed through to the gate area. One fan says that it’s simply a taste of what passengers have to go through every time they fly and another even went as far as to call her “the ‘Rosa Parks’ of US aviation.”

I’m not entirely sure if it was because of her Facebook fan base, but she has been released and the charges against her have been dropped. Go Yukari!!

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