Why the GoPro is Your Best Travel Companion

Nearly everyone who has an interest in the best travel cameras has heard about GoPro. The company has made a name for itself when it comes to producing durable action cameras. The fact that GoPro cameras are perfect for outdoor activities means they’re must-haves for travelling adventures. But what makes it an ideal travel camera? Let’s look at why the GoPro is your best travel companion.

They’re better than smartphones

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Smartphones are one of the essentials you’d want during your holiday abroad. For an Insta-worthy selfie or capturing an awesome view, they’re made for the job. But when you put it up against a GoPro, which is the better travel camera?

First off, there are far more accessories supporting a GoPro than there are for a smartphone. They have a range of excellent accessories that free your hands, such as the suction cup, chest mount, head strap, and even a mount for a bicycle’s seat! Whether you’re racing down a mountain, bungee jumping down Victoria Falls, or simply exploring the city – with a GoPro, you get to experience and capture the moment hands-free. With advantages like these, a GoPro is certainly the best travel camera.

Then, there’s the price. Some of the best smartphones on the market will set you back between R14,000 and R16,000. The GoPro Hero7, for example, is available for as little as R3,500.

They outwin DSLR cameras

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Avid photographers know that a DSLR camera is a fantastic travel camera to have while you’re on holiday. They take amazing high-quality pictures, giving you so much detail that you can even see the little grass blades on a field.

While a GoPro can’t take long-distance stills to match, they’re better designed to be small, light and durable, allowing for an array of multi-dimensional action shots. A DSLR camera is definitely not made for punishment and it does not give you as many capture options as a GoPro.

For this reason, the GoPro is one of the best travel cameras, letting you capture and share your adventures in the most exciting way.

They’re tough

We’ve already said how durable a GoPro is, but they are also waterproof, making the GoPro super diverse. The GoPro Hero7 can descend up to 10 metres without a housing (but the cameras doors have to be closed). So, if you’re thinking of taking a diving trip in the Philippines or snorkelling off the crystal-clear beaches of Mauritius, you’ll have some quality footage to brag to everyone about.

So many cool accessories

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Here are some GoPro features and accessories that will surprise you.

If you really want to dive deep and aren’t happy with 10 meters, the GoPro Super Suit (compatible with a Hero7, Hero6, Hero5, and 2018 Hero) is just what you need. Fit your GoPro into the plastic casing, and you’ll be able to dive as deep as 60 metres without damaging the camera!

While it’s great to be able to record underwater, you can’t expect the video to look as good as normal footage. The water absorbs red light, meaning all your underwater videos will have a blue hue. Get a dive filter and it will make sure your videos look more natural. Take note, to get the best results, buy a dive filter that’s compatible with the super-suit, and you’re good to go!

One of the main concerns that GoPro users have is the battery. It’s best to make sure you have an extra battery. Get a GoPro Dual Battery Charger, which lets you charge two batteries when you’re at a place with power. The battery charger works with any USB port and works with the Hero7, Hero6, and Hero5.

If you’re needing to hold the GoPro during a recording, get the GoPro 3-Way or Shorty, which allows you to extend the grip for the perfect selfie or over-the-top kind of shot. These two accessories also come with a built-in tripod so they are perfect for setting up time lapses and self-capturing moments. The Hero7 has built-in stabilisation called ‘Hypersmooth’ making your footage as smooth as if it was shot using a gimbal (a pivoted point which lets you rotate the camera along a single axis)!

General GoPro features

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GoPro has already established itself as the king of action cameras, offering one of the best travel cameras for any adventure traveller.

Some of the standard features you’ll enjoy with the Hero range include:

  • Voice control
  • 4K video
  • Waterproofing
  • Continuous shooting
  • QuikStories
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Some stand out features of the Hero7 includes its gorgeous standard of 4k video recordingSuperphoto, Timewarp (Hyperlapse video) and the HyperSmooth feature, which brings amazing image stabilisation, even with a handheld video.

How to get the most out of your GoPro

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There are some other tips to make sure your GoPro is the best travel camera:

If you have a simple kitchen timer, the kind that you can spin, you can make a spectacular rotating time-lapse video! Get a sticky mount to place your GoPro on the timer, set your camera to timelapse mode, and get the timer spinning to start.

If you want to share your photos and videos to social straight away, download the GoPro app on Android and iPhone to let you post to Facebook and Instagram immediately!

The new GoPro app also features QuikStories, which creates an automatic edit of your best videos and photos captured that day. You’ll be able to further edit your video to change music options, add or delete files, add text or speed/distance stickers and select the perfect video duration before sharing amongst friends and family.

Remember to sync your GoPro with your phone and upload to GoPro Plus so that your content is always backed up.

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Now that you know what a GoPro offers, wouldn’t you agree it’s one of the best travel cameras out there?

Get it ready for your next holiday adventure. Where will you be going next? How about shooting your adventure through the national parks of Brazil or capturing the amazing architecture in Istanbul?

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