EADS Unveils New Design for Electrical Aircraft.


Photo by One Tree Hill Studios

After the electrical car, the electrical bus and the E-bike, the aviation industry could of course, not stay behind. After plans to create planes running on algae, chip fat, and other organic material, the aerospace and defence corporation EADS has come up with a design to create an electric airplane. This plane will not only be extremely environmentally friendly, it will also hardly make any noise if or when it takes to the skies.

The airplane, called the VoltAir, would be able to carry as many as 70 passengers and will be equipped with rechargeable batteries that are located under the floor of the aircraft. It will be powered by ‘highly efficient superconducting electric motors which drive counter-rotating, shrouded propellers located at the rear of the plane.’ I think this means that the VoltAir will have mega large propellers fitted to the back of it which turn the other way and which will be driven by some super power engines. These motors are then powered by rechargeable batteries which would need to be exchanged for full ones during the turn-around at the airport.

EADS thinks that the VoltAir will only be suitable for short haul flights and not for long haul flights as the batteries will not have enough capacity to make a plane go, say across the Atlantic.  The earliest the VoltAir would be ready for take-off could be in 20 years’ time. So we still have to wait a while before one of these planes takes to the skies, if at all.

Who knows, maybe by then we’ll be able to teleport ourselves to a tropical destination. Now that would be the ultimate green way to travel.

Check out the pictures of the plane too!

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