Essential Items For Your Carry-On

I have begun packing for an upcoming trip to the UK and have made a list of items to remember to take with me in my carry-on bag. I generally enjoy flying (apart from that one 43 hour journey to Australia via 3 continents with an 8 hour layover in London where I had to wait on a metal bench) and prefer to travel light, but I find that having the following items with me is guaranteed to make the journey more comfortable.

For the plane – the really useful stuff.

1. Warm top – particularly important if arriving in a cold climate, doubles up as a pillow.
2. Reading material – time for my new Kindle to prove its worth.
3. Music – airlines have a great range of hits from the 80’s if you prefer…
4. Sleeping mask – makes ignoring chatty neighbours so much easier.
5. Ear plugs – what was that? A screaming baby you say?
6. Hand sanitizer – do you know how many other people actually wash their hands?
7. Tissues – multi-purpose item, must be easily accessible.
8. Wet wipes – kind of a substitute for a shower when combined with an airport basin.
9. Toothbrush & Paste – one brush every few hours should be required by law for all passengers.
10. Chewing gum – blowing bubbles helps to pass the time.
11. Passport / ID – if this is not with you on the plane how did you get onboard?

Valuables – entrusting these items to the safety of your checked luggage is not a very good idea.

1. Sunglasses
2. Car/House keys
3. Jewellery
4. Travel funds – cash, credit cards, traveller’s cheques.
5. Camera & other electronic items

Spare Clothing – spending the first 2 days of a romantic holiday in Italy having to wear the same clothes that I had just worn on a 12 hour flight and train journey due to delayed luggage was not the best way to start the trip; although I suppose my smell was worse for my girlfriend. Forgetting a spare set of clothing is one mistake I will not make again.

1. T-shirt
2. Underwear!
3. Socks
4. Jeans / Shorts

Information – yes all this information is saved in your email, but do you really want to run around looking for an internet cafe at 2am to find the street number of your hotel to give to the cab driver who doesn’t speak a word of English?

1. Printouts of all bookings
2. Copy of Passport
3. All relevant phone numbers

So 22 items in total and I know I am forgetting a few things, plus I still need to get my actual luggage packed. I know that for ladies there are even more items to remember and I don’t want to think about what travelling with children must entail.

Got any advice on essential items to take on the plane? Leave us a comment.

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