Gourmet burgers at their finest

If you’re looking for a taste of New York right here in South Africa, may I recommend TriBakery? Based on the idea of a combined bakery and restaurant, and themed around the TriBeCa neighbourhood of New York, these guys have got the gourmet burger down to a fine art.

Even better? These gourmet burgers are two for the price of one during the week! I do love a good deal, it must be said, but even more than a good deal I love a good burger. Cape Town seems to have exploded in the gourmet-burger-making business in the last few years, and it seems as if every second restaurant claims that burgers are their speciality. But TriBakery is really on to something special.

For starters, they have an extensive selection. Everything from classics like Portobello mushroom, caramelised onion and barbeque sauce (which my American friend gave the stamp of approval) to grilled chicken with bacon and avocado, and even prawns with creamy garlic mayo and fresh avocado. Okay, so a bun with prawns isn’t necessarily a burger (nor is the tantalising calamari steak option) but it was simply delicious, packed with flavour and perfectly cooked. If you’re looking for a more traditional burger (as in, a meat patty and toppings, on a bun – how dull!) may I suggest the gorgonzola stuffed beef burger, or the Mediterranean lamb burger, or the pork burger with red pepper salsa? I plan on working my way through the entire menu of burgers before they realise what an insanely good deal they’re offering!

The ambience at the Cavendish TriBakery (where I popped in) is surprisingly lovely for a shopping centre restaurant (which, let’s be honest, are usually only good to fill the gap before a movie). Large windows open out onto the street below, and the service is friendly and efficient. It’s the perfect spot to gather a few friends and rediscover what a gourmet burger is all about.

Where’s your favourite burger joint?

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