Hotels Offer Guests Beer or Champagne Baths

beer spa packages

Photo by Jon Starbuck

I guess for some people soaking in a bath tub with just ordinary tap water, doesn’t cut it anymore. In Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria some hotels offer their guests spa treatments in their beer spas. Yes, a beer spa!!!

In the Landhotel Moorhof in Austria for instance, guests can soak in a bath that looks very much like a beer barrel which is chock full of beer. The liquid is actually not quite the same as the stuff we normally drink in bars and pubs, but it does have pretty much the same ingredients. The difference is the alcohol content and there are some additional things thrown in which make the beer more sensuous and healing. The recipe for this is top secret though. And to avoid people from drinking their bath beer, there’s a beer tap at hand so they can pour themselves a refreshing pint of beer during the spa treatment.

Prices for spa deals like these start at around €39 (R415).

If a beer bath is still too common, then there’s always the champagne bath spa package at the Cadogan Hotel in London. Prices for a bath for two in Louis de Custine Brut 1998 champagne will set you back £4,000 (R53,000) and  a bath in Dom Perignon Vintage will cost you a ‘mere’ £25,000 (R330,000).

I think I will just stick with the complimentary bath soap and bubble bath. It’s a lot less decadent and not to mention a lot less sticky.

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