How To House Sit Your Way Around The World

“No possessions. No plans. Just travel”


This is the motto of Dalene and Peter Heck who, after a series of personal tragedies, broke away from their corporate lives in Canada to travel the world. Their means of sustaining this lifestyle is simple- through house and pet sitting. These 2014 National Geographic Travelers of the Year are in their sixth year of non-stop globe-trotting and have no intention of settling down any time soon. They’re currently in Hawaii living their dream. Follow their journey here.

This could be the next place you call home…

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Many people dream of travelling the world but feel it is financially unfeasible. With some bravery, ingenuity and a diverse portfolio of freelance jobs the Heck’s have make a successful living while travelling full time. And as a result of house-sitting they estimate at having saved more than $30 000 dollars on accommodation costs while really getting to know the cities and villages they have visited. All that is really required to lead this lifestyle is a responsible, trustworthy character and the ability to adapt to new situations easily.

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The Hecks are not alone in their lifestyle choice, a number of couples around the world have embraced this way of life. They all say that making a success of house-sitting and full-time travel comes down to planning. You need to ask yourself what sort of a house-sitting job you would enjoy, if you’re a very sociable person being stuck in a remote village in New Zealand or Mongolia would drive you crazy, you’d be much happier in an apartment in Barcelona or Manhattan.

You will need to be able to:

  • Market yourself on your travel blog, or Facebook page and cultivate a twitter and instagram following. Good references from previous employers are crucial.
  • Invest in a subscription to a good house-sitting jobs website, this demonstrates that you are serious. Websites such as, and are perfect for house-sitters seeking their next post. Peter and Dalene have written an e-book on the subject.
  • Ask a lot of questions before you agree to a house-sitting assignment. Good questions to put forward include inquiring whether it’ll it be possible for you to leave the property for a night if it is a longer house sit and whether you’ll be required to contribute to utilities.
  • Besides being responsible for pets, on certain jobs being able to perform basic maintenance to the house is required.
  • Handle emergency situations well. Will you be able to handle looking after a sick pet or dealing with a burst geyser?

It you can take the unpredictability of this kind of life then this is your ticket to an everyday of exhilarating travel moments.


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