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Hello and welcome to another edition of Travelstart’s FAQ Friday with me, Nick Paul. This week on FAQ Friday we discuss how to choose the right luggage for your trip. On Facebook we asked our fans what type of luggage they usually travel with. Most came back saying that they travel with a hard shell wheelie bag or a softer canvas wheelie bag. We thought we would ask our travel consultants and in-house travel experts in what kinds of luggage they recommend you travel with. There are various factors you need to consider:

What type of trip are you going on?

Are you going on a cruise, a city stay, yachting, or a goulette in turkey? Depending on which type of trip you are doing there will be certain restrictions which you need to consider. Yacht trips and gulet trips for example require you to use a soft bag, which is easy to stow. Also, if you are going to be flying in a light aircraft to a place such as Bazaruto, you will need a soft bag that can easily fir in the planes luggage compartment.

Where are you travelling?

If you are going to a city such as London or New York it is ok to have a hard shell wheelie bag that you can easily pull along the sidewalk. But, if you are going to be travelling around India or Thailand you are going to want to have something more versatile such as a backpack.

What is the most secure bag?

Many of you may be wondering what the most secure bag is. Our consultants recommend a hard shell bag with the clip locks and not zips. The clip locks are lot harder to break into, as opposed to the zips which can broken into with a simple object like a pen.

Expert advice from Travelstart staff

Here is some more expert advice from some frequent travellers in our team: Candice (Product Manager) “Pick a backpack which when you lay down unzips length ways. These are better than the backpacks which you have to ‘shove’ pack from the top.” Tyrone (Travel Consultant) “When you travel to the USA use a TSA lock. A TSA lock has a special lock and symbol on it, which allows US TSA security to access your bag. TSA staff search bags at random and if you do not have a TSA lock they will either break your lock or break your bag.” Nelis (Travel Consultant) “Pick a bag which is an unusual colour, or if you have a bag which is plain black place stickers on it or attach a colourful ribbon, that way you can spot your bag easily when picking it up after your flight.” Jonty (Direct Sales Manager) “Don’t pack anything breakable into your checked in luggage. It is an extra risk if your bag gets tumbled around whilst in transport. Also, if you have bought anything in Duty Free, place it in your bag before going through customs. That way you will reduce the chances of a customs official pulling you over” That is it from us this week on FAQ Friday. If you have any travel related questions please ask them in the comments below, who knows we may make them into a video next week. Don’t fortget to subscribe to our channel by clicking here. faq-friday-blog-imagev2

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