How to Watch a Live TV Show in NYC – For Free!

It may be that I am very easily impressed (and excited) but when I found out that I could get free tickets to watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – live! – in New York, I was very impressed. And very excited.

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It turns out it’s really, really easy – as long as you have a large dose of patience, and a handful of good luck. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Go to and see if the date you want to go is available. If not, don’t despair, just keep checking back. We ended up getting tickets on the day (at noon) for that afternoon. They release them at odd times.
  2. Fill in the necessary information and confirm that you want the tickets.
  3. Take your confirmation to the Jon Stewart Studios (kind of a mission, in the Hell’s Angel area of NYC, so not too close to anything except the bottom end of Central Park) where you’ll be given a coloured slip of paper with a number on it.
  4. Come back at the required time (around 4.30pm) and stand in the line that your colour and number match.
  5. Hope against hope that the audience doesn’t fill up before you get there.
  6. Watch The Daily Show live!!
  7. Clap, cheer and laugh really loudly, when required.
  8. Thank your lucky stars that you somehow managed to experience this, for free, in New York City, the city that everyone says is so expensive and doesn’t give away anything for free.
  9. Take lots of pictures.
  10. Thank your lucky stars again.

PS: There are all kinds of free studio audience shows in NYC – here’s a pretty handy list.


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