Is your Stuff Safe on Planes?

In July of last year one of Air France’s business class flight attendants was arrested by French police after being accused of stealing cash, credit cards and jewellery while her victims were sleeping in their comfy lie flat beds. She allegedly had been robbing passengers on routes between Paris and the Far East for over one year. Apparently Asian passengers were a hot target as they tend to travel with cold hard cash instead of credit cards. And they still are. Because this week Air France received more complaints from five business class passengers on board a flight between Tokyo and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport that they too had been robbed of their valuable belongings while they were sleeping. Air France has stated that they are investigating what happened and have not been able to find the perpetrators. Now here’s the thing though. I’d always been very trusting of my fellow passengers as well as the doting crew on my flights and usually when I go to the loo mid air, I leave my valuables in my purse in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of me. But after my IPhone was snatched from my purse by the passenger in front of me, I take the purse with me everywhere I go on the plane. (Usually that is not that far, but you know what I mean.) But to find out that it is not even safe anymore when it is between my legs while I’m sleeping, has left me at a loose end. I think I will have to resort to clutching it between my arms throughout the whole flight even if that flight lasts for over 15 hours. But then again, I might not be such a hot target for sticky fingers these days. After some deep purse searching I came to the conclusion that a thief’s loot would only consist of some old pieces of gum, ditto lip gloss and a maxed out credit card. So at least I will be safe to catch some inflight zzz’s.

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