The Soundtrack To Cape Town: Joe Peterson, 35 Years Of Busking In The Mother City

Joe Peterson is a confident, content, loving, and raw musician. He has dedicated much of his life to music. For him, hearing music today still gives him the same thrill as it did 35 years ago when he started busking in Cape Town.

In his words: “When you get up in the morning…and you get into a taxi. Boom! That guy plays some music and they make my day right there. Whatever he plays, it’s just that music. I’m awake!”

One thing we can all learn from Joe is that when you find something you love, stick with it and you will lead a full life.

If you would like to hear Joe and The Ganja Muffins play pop down to Greenmarket Square in Cape Town on a sunny day. Say hi – he’ll make your day.

Joe Petersen

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