Jurys Inn to Offer Guests Bedtime Stories on E-Reader


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Remember the days when mum or dad would read you bedtime stories before going to sleep? Snugly tugged under their arm, propped up against a massive pile of pillows, they would lead you into the world of dragons, knights and princesses. Oh what wonderful dreams those stories would give me.

But long gone are those days and bed time stories have turned into bedtime TV-shows. And more so when I travel. Oh how I miss my parents’ bedtime stories.

Jurys Inn must have been reading my mind as the hotel chain will be offering guests bed time stories that are loaded onto e-readers. The ‘e-Books at Bedtime’ trial will allow guests to choose from The Best British Short Stories, a collection edited by Nicholas Royle, which will enable them to relax before going to sleep. The collection features stories such as Feather Girls by Claire Massey, Foreigner by Christopher Burns, Dinner of the Dead Alumni by Adam Marek and many many more.

If short stories are not your thing, there is also the option of downloading entire books onto the e-reader for a fee. When guests do so, they will be asked to make a small donation to the National Literacy Trust.

Jonathan Douglas who is the director of the National Literacy Trust, says: “As a charity that supports literacy development in disadvantaged communities across the UK through a range of programmes and initiatives, all donations are very gratefully received and will help many more children and adults discover all the benefits of reading.”

Jurys Inn guests in Newcastle, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Derby will soon find an e-reader on their nightstand during the trial and if successful it will be rolled out across the board.

I think the Jurys Inn e-Books at Bedtime’ trial will be a great success as I believe there is no better way to unwind after a long day then to curl up in bed with a book. If only I could bring mum along on my trips and have her read the stories to me!

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