Kids Are (Artistic) People Too

My wife likes to visit art galleries of all shapes and sizes wherever we travel. I am definitely no art connoisseur and unfortunately can’t appreciate the differences between good and bad art, but I go along for the visit nonetheless. All experiences are good experiences in my book, and I often find art galleries exceed my expectations.

A different sort of art gallery caught my attention recently, that being The International Museum of Children’s Art, located in Oslo, Norway. The Museum promotes the artistic productions of children from 180 countries around the world.

The International Museum of Children Art’s three basic functions are:

1. Preservation – to collect children’s art from all over the world and preserve it for the future.

2. Creation – to create a participatory environment for children and adults visiting the museum.

3. Presentation – the Museum arranges travelling exhibitions both at home and abroad.

The Museum was established in 1980 and is owned by the private Foundation of Children’s History, Art and Culture.  The facility in Oslo has was been welcoming guests since its official opening in 1986.

A visit to the International Museum of Children’s Art can be considered a window into the view of the world through children’s eyes from 180 countries. This extraordinary opportunity can be equally enlightening for children and their parents, and if you’re planning a trip to Oslo, this is a must-see on your visit.

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