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Summer is here and that means it’s time to celebrate! Beautiful food, a stunning location and great specials make La Mouette a classy and decadent way to celebrate summer or your love of food.

For starters, it’s in Sea Point, just up from the Sea Point Promenade, which means you could begin your evening with a sunset stroll along the prom (what could be more romantic than that?)

You can choose to sit in the cosy interior, the private upstairs dining room (for groups of 12 and up) or the courtyard, lit with twinkling lights and with the sound of the fountain to accompany your meal. La Mouette means seagull in French, and was named after the distinctive and ever-present seagulls seen flying overhead in Sea Point. Their speciality, led by chef Henry Vigar, is modern French cuisine with a Mediterranean twist, leaning towards the produce and climate of Southern France.

Each month, La Mouette has a different menu to complement the season, using only seasonal produce and created to suit the weather, and the chefs mood! Only local produce is sourced by chef Henry and his senior sous chef Darren, and you’re guaranteed a tasting menu that will surprise and delight you… Really.

The December menu was a choice between seafood or vegetarian, with the seafood at R295 for six courses, and the vegetarian at R195 (up for the season from the usual R150 for six courses, meat or veg). But let’s take a look at what we got for that:

Petite moules et frites with garlic aioli
Salt and pepper prawns with shaved radish, chorizo popcorn and sweet corn puree
Open lasagne of crayfish, almond crumble and cauliflower
Grilled tuna Nicoise with confit potatoes and sauce vierge
Strawberries and cream with strawberry foam, panacotta and warm doughnut, aaand
Lemon tart with burnt honey cream, honey comb and crème fraiche sorbet.

Be still my beating heart! Isn’t your mouth watering already?

Admittedly, when it’s not the silly season the food is slightly less over the top. You’ll still find the tuna, albeit a delicate and lovely tuna tartare, one of the starters will be a soup of broth of some kind (that will blow you away with its multilayered flavours) and one of the mains will be something slightly more pedestrian than crayfish – you know, something like chicken, or beef. It will be simply extraordinary chicken or beef, though, a small tasting portion that packs as much flavour as any full-sized dish.

The fact remains that no matter what’s on the menu, a meal at La Mouette is one that will be remembered for a long time – not only for the food that makes your tastebuds come alive, not only for the gentle breeze playing through the courtyard, but for the attention and care that has so obviously gone into each morsel of food presented to you. Simply delicious.

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