MSC Cruises Offers Diet Cruise with Pierre Dukan

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Anything that makes you lose weight in a fun and easy way sounds good to me. So this January 1st I will ban the gym and any fad diet plan that probably won’t work, I’m going to cruise myself thin. However before you too whip out your wallet and start surfing to the MSC Cruises website, be aware that as easy as this sounds, this diet cruise won’t be a piece of cake.

The MSC diet themed cruise that will depart from Genoa in Italy is going to be completely focused on losing weight and getting fit. As soon as passengers board the ship they will be given a diet kit with tips, gadgets and heaps of other diet related stuff. They’ll receive a personal health assessment which will be used to set up a tailored diet and exercise plan. There will be an expert team of nutritionists and dietitians on board including the world famous Mr Pierre Dukan who is going to be cruising along for the whole 11 days. Just FYI, Mr Pierre Dukan became world famous because he invented the Dukan Diet which basically involves going back to eating the food that our ancestors did. This cavemen diet consists of lots of proteins, many vegetables and some 100 food items that can be divided into 72 food items from the animal world and 28 from the plant world. (Which to me just sounds like meat and veg). In between the numerous cooking classes, diet conferences and workshops participants will have access to a state of the art gym that’s chocka with state of the art gym equipment.

There is going to be some form of fun as well in the shape of optional excursions to the shore, however these will also be focused on losing weight and getting fit. The cities can be explored on foot and passengers can sign up for active walking tours as well.

As you can see, this cruise is not going to be a ‘tan yourself fit and eat yourself slim’ kind of cruise, but at least it sounds more fun than a sweaty gym or being yelled at by the boot camp instructor.

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