Massively Overrated Attractions And What To Do Instead

Sometimes holiday brochures don’t tell the whole truth, you might see an incredible sunset but not the hoards of people behind the camera. Because your time on holiday is valuable and usually limited to a week or two, it’s important to know which attractions are worth your time and money and which just aren’t worth the hype.

Taking a London Bus down Oxford Street

oxford street london bus

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Taking an iconic red bus in London is definitely a not-to-miss experience, however do not choose the Oxford Street route as this is very slow and touristy. Rather choose another route and enjoy how much cheaper it is to see the city by bus than it is to take the underground.
london bus

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Visiting “the beach” from The Beach in Thailand

maya bay overrated attractions

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Thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio massive numbers of tourists flock to Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi Island in Thailand. The limestone cliffs and azure waters are there, but so are huge hoards of tourists and petrol fumes.
maya bay overrated attractions

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We recommend visiting an equally beautiful, but much quieter island near Ko Lanta called Ko Kradan. Or another option is to book one of the rare over-night experiences at Maya Bay. You and a small group of people stay the night on the boat and get to to explore the island at night and in the morning before any of the other tourists arrive. Find out more here.

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Fighting your way through the crowds to the Mona Lisa

the mona lisa overrated attractions

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Yes, it’s a masterpiece, but rather spend your time in Paris exploring smaller museums with equally beautiful and famous treasures such as the Museum of the Middle Ages. Here you can see the famous tapestry of the Lady and the Unicorn. Plus the museum is very central to St Germain and many beautiful streets and parks.
musee de cluny paris overrated attractions

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lady with the unicorn overrated attractions

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The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark

little mermaid copenhagen overrated attractions

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Sure it’s charming, but it’s also very small and in a very crowded spot. Rather have fun visiting the historical amusement park Tivoli.
little mermaid copenhagen overrated attractions

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tivoli amusement park, copenhagen

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You can-can give the Moulin Rouge a skip

Moulin rouge

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Some tourists think it’s worth the $100 dollar entrance, rather visit the outside for a pic then head to a show at the Théâtre du Châtelet, which is more central, more affordable and often has prestigious shows which go on to Broadway.
Théâtre du Châtelet overrated attractions

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Beat the crowds at Bondi Beach, Sydney and go next door to Bronte

bondi beach overrated attractions

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Bronte is smaller, equally beautiful and less crowded.
bronte beach sydney overrated attractions

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Don’t spend three hours in the line to ascend the tower at Notre Dame

notre dame

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Instead climb the tower at the Sacré-Cœur, hardly any visitors know about it and the views are amazing!

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Don’t pay for a ticket to the viewing deck at the Shard, order a drink at the bar and take in London for free

the shard view overrated

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The drinks are pricy but you get the same view as you would for the viewing deck.
cocktails at the shard overrated attractions

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It might be the most famous bar in Dublin but give Temple Bar a miss

the temple bar dublin

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Avoid overpriced drinks at Temple Bar and instead pop into the Stag’s Head- a popular hang out for locals, Trinity students and James Joyce (back in the day).
the stags head dublin

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Pier 39 might be in the San Francisco guide books but…

pier 39 san francisco

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Pier 39 is a huge tourist trap, rather go where the locals go and visit the amazing Science Exploratorium nearby.
exploratorium san francisco overrated attractions

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The sunsets on Santorini are the best in the world but pick your spot with care

santorini sunset overrated
The crowds in Oia start to form mid-afternoon for prime sunset spots. Don’t skip the sunset but choose your spot with care, a good idea is to make a reservation at Kastro restaurant, the view is amazing and you won’t have to fight off selfie sticks to enjoy it. Another option is the donkey steps to the old port as they are practically empty at sunset.
sunset oia

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