Pause for a Pølse

As someone who travels frequently, I get to visit a healthy amount of airports.

Eventually, for me at least, airports or at least certain sections of them all begin to look the same. So when I discover a unique airport feature, it usually attracts my attention.

Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen Denmark has a unique feature that always jumps out at me…. one that I often smell before I see each time I land there.

At the baggage reclaim area rests Steff’s Place, a famous Danish pølse (sausage) vendor that serves customers right at the luggage carousels. The red Danish sausages are of excellent quality and are considered one of the national dishes, and are so popular Danes have to enjoy one before they even pick up their luggage.

The feature hasn’t been at the airport forever, and my best estimation is that it may now be three or so years in the location. But I have yet to see it without a queue, and many of my Danish friends love it.

I always out of curiosity ask Danish friends if they enjoy the pølse station at the luggage carousels at Copenhagen Airport, and the responses I get are overwhelmingly positive. I hear comments like “when you’re returning from a vacation in a foreign place, you really can’t wait any longer for a pølse.”  But couldn’t you wait until after you pick up your luggage?  “Not really.”

One friend admitted to me that he begins thinking of the pølse station before his flight even lands. Others make a sensible argument, that the luggage normally takes 10-15 minutes to arrive anyways, which is just enough time to enjoy a pølse.

Next time you land at Copenhagen airport, be sure to pause for a pølse before you pick up your luggage. You won’t regret it.

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