Pino’s- A Coffee Oasis in the Johannesburg Inner City

Welcome to Pino's Coffee Shoppe

Deep in the heart of the Johannesburg CBD’s Financial District lies Pino’s Italian Coffee Shoppe.
I have been wanting to blog about it for a while as it is one of my favourite Inner City spots and have not got round to it. But now seems like the perfect time as Pino’s has just won the “Huletts Perfect Cup of Coffee” award. I was lucky enough to attend the prize giving and learn more about this fabulous Inner City venue.

Pino's situated in the heart of the Financial District

Pino’s, an old school coffee spot situated in Fox Street, has been around for years. It’s a great place to get away from the hustle and the bustle of the city and enjoy some caffeine therapy. The venue is also a great piece of recent Joburg history. Joburgers will know that the Brazilian Coffee Brand was huge in Jozi in the 1990’s and Pino’s was originally part of the franchise – it still has the coffee delivering conveyor belt to prove it! Anyone who worked in the Financial District in the 1990’s will remember the coffee spot well.

They take coffee seriously at Pino’s and their Cappuccino or Latte is a must try. I know many a coffee aficionado who can’t say no to a second “cup of their joe”. They also have a yummy menu of light lunches and snacks. If you are a regular at Pino’s though, you wont need the menu as it’s the kind of place where the staff will advise you on the day’s specials and what they recommend. Everyone who works at Pino’s, from the owner to the Kitchen staff, has been there for years, which adds to the strong family vibe.

Pino’s is owned by Justin Dickenson, who is absolutely passionate about a good cup of coffee and is always on hand to welcome you and chat about the history of the spot, famous clientele and what’s happening in the area. Pino’s has a real old fashioned community feel, its the sort of place that knows your name and has your order ready when you walk in the door or have even been known to bring it out to the car when you pass by.

The Pino's family receiving their well deserved prize from Huletts

So of you work in the Financial District or are visiting the area, go and check out Pinos and try their award winning “Perfect Cup of Coffee”
Pino’s Italian Coffee Shoppe
Fox Street
011 834 3993

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