Prince Albert Ghost Walk

I’ve written before about how much I love the Karoo town of Prince Albert – I’m certainly not alone in my passion for this quaint, peaceful town in the middle of nowhere, but many of the people I speak to about it don’t know about what I consider one of Prince Albert’s highlights: The Ghost Walk.

I’ve been on this marvellous tour twice now, and enjoyed it thoroughly each time. Essentially, the Ghost Walk is a few hours spent in the delightful and fascinating company of the Story Weave, Ailsa Tudhope. She moved to Prince Albert in 1998 and started gathering stories and heritage of the village, and the resident ghosts. Now she leads groups around at dusk, filling them in on the resident ghosts and including much of the magic of the town at the same time…

Our latest tour, in mid-December, was the kind of evening that memories are made of. We arrived in Prince Albert in the middle of a heat wave (and a heat wave in the Karoo is nothing to joke about!) so the evening was hot and muggy. We began the walk and were up around the Unknowns Graveyard when a hot wind started stirring… By the time we had reached the lower side of town, about three-quarters of the way through our walk, the wind had whipped up and a storm was blowing in. Fat raindrops chased us to our car, our ears still ringing with stories of the good (and bad) ghostly residents of Prince Albert.

If you happen to find yourself in the charming town of Prince Albert, be sure to book yourself a Ghost Tour with lovely Ailsa. Young and old, tourist and local alike will enjoy this chance to feel like a kid again… Complete with spooky stories that make your hair stand on end!

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