Romantic things to do in Barcelona, Spain’s city of love

Situated on the Mediterranean coast of northeastern Spain is Barcelona, the gorgeous capital of the Catalonia region. While Madrid may remain Spain’s elegant and sophisticated capital city, Barcelona is the eternal enclave for artists, bohemians and lovers. Perfect for sweethearts looking for a romantic getaway, Barcelona is a city that inspires love. Discovering local cuisine, art and architecture are only a few of the endless romantic things to do in Barcelona.

Read on to discover our must-sees and dos in Spain’s city of love:

Explore iconic landmarks

Romantic things to do in Barcelona

No romantic trip to Barcelona is complete without visiting the quirky, famous works of Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi was an artist and architect ahead of his time. His unconventional design practices became his signature style. Think undulating facades, wrought iron displays and stained glass windows.

Gaudi was highly influenced by nature, love and the arts. He became most famous for his design projects in Barcelona, such as the Casa Batllo and Casa Mila. His magnum opus was the as-of-yet unfinished cathedral of the Sagrada Familia. Unfortunately, Gaudi passed away before completing the cathedral, but a dedicated team of architects have taken on the challenge of completing the project. An absolute must romantic thing to do in Barcelona is to visit and admire the exquisite beauty of Gaudi’s masterpieces.

Ramble through the streets of the Gothic Quarter

Romantic things to do in Barcelona

A perfect romantic thing to do in Barcelona is to explore the Gothic Quarter. Located in the historic Old Town, the Gothic Quarter is over 2,000 years old. Its architecture consists of ancient Roman, medieval and modern European buildings. Enjoy meandering through narrow streets and alleyways, before being surrounded by impressive café-lined plazas.

The gem of the Gothic Quarter has to be La Seu, the ancient Gothic cathedral. Pay it a visit and enjoy its architectural splendour to the fullest during the day. Finish off a day of romantic strolling with paella and wine at the oldest restaurant in Barcelona, Can Culleretes, opened in 1786.

Feast on delicious local cuisine

Romantic things to do in Barcelona

Falling in love with the sumptuous flavours of Catalan cuisine is an absolute must when visiting Barcelona. Being a true foodie’s paradise, Barcelona is home to more than 20 Michelin-starred restaurants. It also offers an array of unique, local dishes. Must-try street foods include Xuixo, a sugar-dusted pastry filled with custard; Bombas, a potato ball stuffed with meat then deep-fried; and Esclavida, smoked vegetables drizzled with olive oil.

One of the most romantic things to do in Barcelona has to be sharing a meal on a streetside tavern and watching the world go by. Eat like the locals do and pull up two chairs at a traditional Catalan restaurant. Enjoy foods like Patatas Bravas, Pa amb tomaquet and Jameron Iberico – traditional Catalan cured meats. If you’re feeling thirsty then order two glasses of Vermut – a rich, spiced wine. If you’re in the mood to celebrate opt to share a bottle of locally-produced Cava – Spain’s answer to French Champagne and Italian Prosecco.

Stroll through the greenery at the Labyrinth Park of Horta

Romantic things to do in Barcelona

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A best-kept secret when it comes to things to do in Barcelona for couples is to take a magical stroll through the Labyrinth Park of Horta. The park is a historical site and consists of a lush, green garden and an elaborate maze. The rambling lawns, manicured hedges and ornate staircases create an atmosphere of romance and classical elegance.

A stroll with your significant other through the park is a memorable romantic thing to do in Barcelona. Spend the day wandering along the pebbled walkways and getting lost together in the maze. If you fancy sharing a bite to eat, then why not pack a picnic and enjoy a light snack in the Mediterranean sunshine?

Learn flamenco dancing

Romantic things to in Barcelona

A timeless romantic thing to do in Barcelona is for couples to learn flamenco dancing together. There is no doubt that flamenco dancing is one of the most dazzling and sensual forms of dance, with flowing skirts, dramatic spins and the strum of the Spanish guitar. Why not learn the most passionate kind of Spanish dancing in the most romantic city in Spain?

Flamenco dance classes are available all over the city. They are a fantastic opportunity for you and your partner to get closer to each other in an intimate and exciting way. If you feel like you suffer from two left feet, you can still enjoy the thrill and passion of flamenco shows from the safety of theatre seats!

Admire the mosaic wall of Park Guell

Romantic things to do in Barcelona

Photo Credit: sara4Nov via Instagram

One of the most romantic places in Barcelona, the famous Park Guell, is another one of Antoni Gaudi’s most beloved works of art. The Park Guell is a bold combination of art and architecture, with a kaleidoscope of design and colour. The park was originally constructed as a luxury property development overlooking Barcelona, but it was later abandoned. Gaudi then turned the park’s remnants into the outdoor work of art it is today.

The two iconic “gingerbread” houses welcome you at the entrance. Be sure to stop at the welcome steps and get a picture with the famous mosaic lizard. Wander along gorgeous tiled walkways, up and down staircases, and through decorated stone columns. A picture-perfect romantic thing to do in Barcelona is for couples to take a snapshot together at the famous Banc de Trencadis, the colourful mosaic-tiled bench overlooking stunning vistas of lower Barcelona.

Take a beachside stroll

Romantic things to do in Barcelona

Thanks to its Mediterranean location, Barcelona boasts nearly five kilometres of gorgeous coastline. With over 300 days a year of sunshine and warm weather, it’s no surprise that spending a balmy day at the beach is an ideal thing to do in Barcelona for couples. Whether you’re a born water-baby or prefer to lounge in the sun, Barcelona will have a beach for you.

 If you enjoy basking in seawater and sunshine with fellow beachgoers, then the ever-popular Barceloneta beach is perfect. Be warned, it can get quite packed in the summer months. If busy beaches are not your thing, then head on over to the neighbouring beaches of Nova Icaria and Bogatell. You won’t find crowds and lively bars or cafes, but you will discover pristine stretches of empty beach, perfect for enjoying a quiet afternoon together or playing a game of volleyball.

That concludes our list of romantic things to do in Barcelona. Which one would you like to do with your special someone? Did we leave out any romantic hotspots or activities for lovers in Barcelona? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!



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