Sail Croatia: 5 Islands Worth Sailing to

The idyllic Eastern European country, Croatia, has become a bucket-list destination thanks to the vibrant party scene, exquisite natural beauty and its many breathtaking islands. One of the top things you can do is sail Croatia. Experience the best of this destination while cruising the Adriatic Sea. With its crystal clear seas, 2000 kilometres of exquisite pebble and rocky shores, you are bound to have the time of your life. 

Boasting over 1000 islands, find out about the 5 best spots to sail in Croatia. 

Islands to Sail in Croatia

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The island of Hvar is a top tourist destination that will cater to all your senses. Hvar is one of the best spots to sail in Croatia. The island’s natural beauty affords pristine beaches to unwind at and a fun scene that always has incredible parties. Regarded as the queen of the Dalmatian islands, Hvar gets more sunny days per year than any other island along Croatia’s coast. 

Things to do in Hvar

Eat the local cuisine – Try Hvar’s signature dish called gregada. This Croatian fish stew is made of fish, potatoes, garlic, onions and the finest olive oil. 

Sail the Pakleni Islands – Visiting the Pakleni Islands is mandatory once you’ve reached Hvar. You’ll discover a chain of 19 wooded islets located off the island of Hvar. Ideal for beach-bums, the Pakleni Islands is home to an array of beaches.

Smell the therapeutic lavender fragrance – Hvar is also known for its fields of lavender that come to life during early summer. The village of Velo Grablje lies at the centre of Hvar’s lavender production. Be sure to visit and see the harvesting of lavender.

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Korčula is a sailor’s paradise. Known as the Emerald Isle, it is the sixth-largest island in Croatia. Korčula is known for its dense forest. When you sail Croatia, be sure to include the island of Korčula. Located in Southern Dalmatia, this incredible island provides sandy bays and quiet coves that have the perfect setting for some much-needed beach time. Korčula is also home to pine forests, villages and olive groves all providing a breathtaking backdrop for its crystal-clear waters.

Things to do in Korčula

Visit the Old Town – Nicknamed the “Little Dubrovnik”, Korčula’s Old Town is worth a visit. Nestled on a small peninsula, extending into the Peljesac Channel, the medieval Old Town is a picturesque attraction on the island. There are a variety of restaurants, bars and souvenir shops to visit.

Watch the sunset – Catching a sunset in Croatia is a dream come true. Why not see the majestic sunset views Korčula Island has to offer? Teamed with a cocktail in hand, the island has many spectacular vantage points for you to see the breathtaking sunset views.

Go to Marco Polo’s house – It is believed that the famous explorer, Marco Polo, was born in Korčula. The house where he was allegedly born is a great attraction on the island. When you sail Croatia and stop at Korčula, make sure to visit this renowned main attraction. If you’re a history and mystery lover, you’ll have fun exploring this house. 

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Located close to Split, you simply have to stop at Šolta when you sail Croatia. This hilly island has steep shores and deep bays. If you’re in search of pebble beaches without the crowds, Šolta has the ideal calm beaches with crystal clear waters. Head to this Dalmatian Island for the olive oil and wine farms.

Things to do in Šolta

Ride the bike routes – The island has a picturesque bike route that goes from Maslinca to Stormorska. The mountain bike route is the perfect thing to do to see the olive trees and dry-stone fields, all while catching a view of the sea.

Discover the incredible sea life – Be sure to go on an underwater exhibition and discover incredible sea life and artefacts. You’ll also see wonderful coral reefs!

Visit the ostrich farm – Native to Africa, you’ll be wonderfully surprised to know that there is an ostrich farm near Gornje Selo on Šolta island. Go see how the ostriches have adapted to their Croatian island environment.

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This is the longest and most elevated island in central Dalmatia. Experience a taste of authentic island life without the hassle of touristic crowds on Brač Island. The self-sustainable island has everything needed for the locals to thrive here. Brač is the ideal island for beach hopping with its most-famous being Zlatni Rat, shaped like a cone.

Things to do in Brač

Visit a winery – The island is well-known for its vineyards. Make sure to visit a few of the wineries on the island. 

Hike the popular trails – Brač offers hiking enthusiasts great opportunities from lovely gentle strolls to challenging hikes. The popular hiking trails to explore include Bol to Vidova Gora summit, and Farska to Blaca Hermitage.

Go scuba diving – There are a few interesting diving spots in Brač that you should do. Along the coast you’ll get to explore Lucice Cave and Drasine Cave.

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When you commit to the idea of sailing Croatia, do not skip the island of Pag. It is different to most of the other Croatian islands. For those in search of rugged and otherworldly scenery, do not miss out on this one-of-a-kind island. Located in the northern Adriatic Sea, it has the longest coastline. There are many touristic places to visit on Pag. The island is home to the famous Hideout Festival which takes place on Zrce Beach. Pag is also known for its salt production.

Things to do in Pag

Enjoy the nightlife – Embrace the island’s nightlife and see what its bars, clubs and restaurants have to offer. 

Sight rare birds – Toward the far south of the island, Veliko Blato provides shelter to over 100 varieties of birdlife. You’ll have the chance of spotting endangered species such as gadwall and the calandra lark, while grey herons, spoonbills and great crested grebes can be seen in abundance.

Go cheese tasting – Pag is known for its cheese. The island breeds sheep known for producing milk that makes the famous cheese native to Pag. The cheese is hard and flaky, often matured for several years and served with prosciutto and olive oil.

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Are you ready to sail Croatia? These islands sure do make you want to jet off to this magical destination. Croatia’s sailing season begins in May until the end of September with temperatures averaging around 15 degrees Celsius in October. Decide on the ideal time to sail Croatia and be sure to add these incredible islands to your itinerary.

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