Signal Snowboard Team Designs iSnowboard

use your iSnowboard in the skilift

photo by twicepix

As if we don’t spend enough time on our iPhones, iPads and other electronic communication devices, the Signal Snowboard Team has come up with a design that incorporates an iPad into a snowboard. It bears the cleverly thought of name the iSnowboard.

The iSnowboard, which was created as an ode to the recently deceased Steve Jobs, founder of  Apple, has an iPad built in the nose of the board and is protected by flexible aluminium. The snowboard function of this new design has been tried and tested in Colorado and according to professional snowboarder Matt Guess, it’s pretty fast and you can even hit jumps with it.

That leaves the iPad function of the iSnowboard. And to be honest, I’m not convinced that this iPad in a snowboard is very practical at all. Try updating your facebook status while swooshing down a ski slope. It might come in handy to kill some time going up the mountain in a ski lift though. However I’m usually busy holding on for dear life in those things. Or maybe you can send a tweet or two during après-ski at the ski hut? But I think that an iPhone might be a bit more practical for this and will probably fit better in your pocket or purse than an entire snowboard.

It’s not uncommon nowadays to see a table full of people in a restaurant frantically tweeting, updating their Facebook status or shooting off that all important email that REALLY couldn’t wait till the next day. It makes you wonder why they called it Social Media. I’m not totally anti Social Media and keeping in touch with friends virtually, but there is a place and time for that and I personally think that snowboarding on an Alp ain’t it. (and neither is a dinner with friends for that matter)

You wonder how we ever made do without our iPhones, blackberries and co. I personally think we were fine and most of all we used to have lives. Real ones.

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