Some Wise Words From Our CEO

From humble beginnings of operating a business with almost no capital in 1992 to a mild ‘lift off’ in 2002 and finally becoming one of the best online travel agencies in Africa! It’s without a doubt that Stephan is our very own boffin when it comes to the travel industry and life lessons. It’s always a great privilege when he takes time out of his busy schedule to give the new recruits some survival tips and tricks.


In his opening statement during a pep talk with the latest additions to the Travelstart team, Stephan uses the analogy between Travelstart and a high school student. He expresses how like a high school student about to graduate, Travelstart at 16 has gone through its fair share of experiences that can be compared to failing exams, getting bullied in school to finally graduating with flying colours and becoming a mature individual.


Stephan’s key message was to never give up and to stay focussed on your destination; and how at Travelstart our goal should be to go beyond being the best e-commerce travel agency on the continent.

Stephan Says:

Here are some great quotes from Stephan’s talk with the newbies.

Be Real

“Stay original, be relevant in everything you do and don’t try to imitate others.”


Feel Free To Express Yourself

“Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with your team. If you feel that things can be done in a better way, speak out-no one will judge you.”


Feel At Home

“Travelstart is your family. Treat your colleagues like brothers and sisters, respect and try to care for one another.”

Take Full Ownership Of Your Job

“Don’t just focus on the tasks that are laid down in front of you, explore other departments, try to understand what your colleagues are doing and ask a lot of questions.”


Change The World

“If you think you have a winning idea don’t be afraid to approach me-my doors are always open for you to share your latest idea or innovation. Come talk to me any time!”

Silk And Steel

“Possess a warrior spirit. Like one of our core values don’t be afraid to fight for what you believe is right.”