Stunning Pics Of Port Elizabeth That Prove It’s SA’s Most Underrated City

Over at the I like Port Elizabeth Facebook page we get a constant flow of amazing pics from SA’s Southernmost city. To most, Port Elizabeth is a forgotten city which doesn’t measure up to the likes of local giants like Cape Town and Durban and we think this is unfair. While commonly referred to as the Windy or Friendly City, there’s a lot more to it than a breezy climate and warm smiles.

PE kicked off 2014 with the most epic sunrise

First Sunrise of 2014 in Port ElizabethImage by Belinda Cordier

And PE ends each day with the most epic sunsets

Cape Recife lighthouse at sunsetPhoto by Sakkie du Preez at the Cape Recife Lighthouse

It’s great for urban comforts and top-class hotels

port elizabeth water frontImage by Leigh-Anne Jacobs

Or getting in touch with incredible wildlife

elephants at addo elephant parkImage by Leigh-Anne Jacobs at Addo Elephant Park

From its historic downtown

Port Elizabeth libraryImage by Rodney Fox

And into the suburbs

Donkin Street Port ElizabethImage by Rodney Fox – Donkin Street, Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is a montage of fantastic architecture from bygone days

A montage of Port Elizabeth architectureImage by Toy Dupper

You can make the most of the wind and take to the warm water

Hobie Beach Port ElizabethImage by Noel Beale at Hobie Beach

Or take a swing at something more terrestrial

Humewood Links Golf CourseImage by Callum Martin Austin – Humewood Links Golf Course 18th Green

There are a million moments to reflect on life, love or simply the sky

Bluewater Bay sunrise port elizabethSunrise at Bluewater Bay by Courts Delgado Whittaker

The dunes seem endless and wild

Sardinia Bay dunes Port ElizabethImage by Andrew Barton of Sardinia Bay

But in places they are tame and serene

Summerstrand boardwalk Port ElizabethImage of Summerstrand by Michael Steffen

Whether it’s treading the borders between surf and sand

Summerstrand boardwalk, Port ElizabethSummerstrand boardwalk by Michael Steffen

Or stepping out over the waves

Shark Rock Pier, Port ElizabethShark Rock pier by Diana Kitshoff

Whether it’s finding solitude

Sunset at Bird Rock, Port Elizabeth
Image by Maureen Swanepoel Jordaan

Or making new friends on the beach

Beach in Port Elizabeth at SunsetImage by Michelle Bailey

Whether you’re in search of a family holiday

Kids on Hobie Beach at Sunset, Port ElizabethImage by Sakkie du Preez – kids at Hobie Beach

Or in search of some romance

Lovers dancing on Sardinia Bay beach, Port ElizabethImage by Callan Martin Austin – Sardinia Bay Beach

 Port Elizabath will surely not disappoint

Van Stadens River Resort, near Port ElizabethImage by Reinette van den Berg of the Van Stadens River Resort, near PE.

All images are from the I Like Port Elizabeth Facebook page where you’ll find more about the people who shared them. Feel free to share your PE pics on the page, who knows, we may even feature them here!

These pics which only come from the last 2 months are proof that there are plenty of reasons to make PE your next local holiday destination!

Our Readers Comments

  1. Hi

    Do you know where I can buy prints of port Elizabeth in the early days?



    • Hi Michael,

      Maybe contact their tourist information board. They might be able to point you in the right direction on who would be able to assist.

  2. I studied at NMMU for 3 years, it’s been 4 years since then and I still cannot forget this place. It is home at heart. There is simply something magical about PE.

  3. home sweet home

  4. one of the best places every one should visit , stayed in summerstrand for a week and was great adventure .

  5. Stunning photos of an amazing little city. PE is a perfect place to live and also to visit, especially as a family. Check out our PE based travel blog/vlog if you are looking for ideas on things to do while in PE (

  6. We are probably moving to PE in march 2016 and I am dead scared. We come from cape town and dont know anybody there. Did you guys easily adapt and what can you recommend before and after the relocation has taken place?

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch and good luck with relocating to PE.

      This Blog is pics of Port Elizabeth, but we have not relocated there. We wanted to show the public that there are plenty of reasons to make PE their next local holiday destination 🙂

  7. This City is A unlimited exciting piece of adventure…I’m living here since birth 21years so far and my experience and honest option would be saying its priceless we attract a lot of tourism with our breathtaking seashore,,history,,entertainment and our always friendly locals…and we are still growing with new exciting things to do….great fishing spots…wildlife up close…malls….Casino’s….holiday B&B…Hotels and many more…..sunsets are unbelievable….Come and Spent A whole day of Fun rides and water fun at OPEN SKY entertainment park…where there’s something for everyone to do;huge smoking and non smoking Lapa where you can come chill with An ice cold Draught from one of three that we have on Tap,,grap A MENU and scratch your head trying to figure out what to order with our all varieties of food for everyone that will make you come back for more guaranteed and if you’re A person that loves to dance come on weekend nights for Another un forgetting experience with some of S.A biggest artist shows performing at our place where you feel like you’re at home with our huge lapa Fire that burns every night….what can I say WOW I love home. I love port elizabeth.

  8. PE is my home city which I love and enjoy. It is a small city with big city features. We have been living internationally for some years and look forward to returning to PE in due course. We have family in PE and also own property there. We love going home from time to time. There us SO much that we love in Port Elizabeth!

  9. I stayed in PE for more than 10 years. Grew up in a little village just outside called Redhouse. Most wonderful childhood you could imagine. I would go back to PE if I could. Still for me beautiful and the best weather in South Africa. So much to do and the people really are the friendliest.

  10. PE will always be one of my favourite holiday places. As an ex-Eastern Cape resident I also still consider it home after 35 years in Gauteng.

  11. Just moved here from Durban and WOW!!! So much nicer with a warm atmosphere and a more picturesque coastline. Not a large city, but just right with so much potential.

    • owen,

      how would you compare it with durban in terms of economic potential (jobs), nightlife(social life)… we are thinking of moving to SA to either PE or Durban. my wife is an eye surgeon (ophthalmologist) and im a business psychologist, but we worried about getting good employement opportunities in such a small city. please share your thoughts on these two cities

  12. PE is South Africa’s best kept secret !!!

  13. I was born in Despatch went to “SUSSANA FOURIE: Junior school Moved to Mount Pleasent Moved to Walmer moved to Humewood ,Know P.E. very well all places are still Fresh in my Memory going back for a Holiday in 2014

  14. pe has out grown history like campenile the horse monumet we make history in our daily lives the way we live and whar we see

  15. I was born in Port Elizabeth. Am in Mpumalanga now. It is my plan to return to The Bay soon. Once a PE person…….

  16. Still a place I will always come home to.

    PE a homely friendly ideal place to holiday or live!

  17. The most lovely part of ZA the people are friendly the baches are friendly and if I had chance again I would go back there I lived there for about 11 years there is so much to do there where ever you in pe its 15 minutes to the beach and much cheaper that johannesburg or capetown .

  18. Went to PE two years ago on holiday for a week. Took my daughter and her family and my son. A week is way too short. One of the best holidays ever and probably the nicest place I ‘ve spent a holiday. Definately ging back!

  19. Beautiful , family has connections with PE. Wonder if there are nice venues for a band to play, looks nice .

  20. And we are just 45 minutes drive from there in the Beautiful Elandsriver Valley

  21. I’ve been in PE for Ten years its really a nice place to be I like its weather even in Winter PE its so Hot.Safe money nd go to vissit PE u”ll enjoy it.Shap shap.

  22. Beautiful pics indeed and I am happy to call PE my home

    …I just love this place.

  23. Hey Nick

    Love the article and especially the city.

    Thanks for this 🙂

  24. Beautiful City what can i say i live here…go fly a kite Gareth Cliff for calling PE the armpit of the country.

  25. My heart belongs to PE ! Due to my hubby’s work we had to re-locate but my heart will always be in PE! Its a lovely city. The wind has its role in nature too ! You don’t get any city with so little traffic and rat-race than PE !

  26. glad to be staying in such a beautiful city…. im loving it

  27. Since when is PE the windy city?? Since the early 80’s I remember PE to be the Friendly City, with that penguin as the logo. I also recall Cape Town was called the Windy City with the notorious “Kaapse Dokter” & other winds. I have been living in Cape Town for the past 2 years & let me tell you, PE has the best weather & PE’s wind has got shit on CT’s. The wind blows 5 out of 7 days here!! Be blessed with PE. It is the best City in SA!!!

  28. yeah I live here & its just magical. especially when all the tourists fuck off

  29. PE is no more “windy” than anywhere else on the Southern African coast. Late summer and early autumn are often windstill.

  30. Things to do and see in PE? Seaview Lion Park, Kragga Kamma Game Reserve, SAMREC (the penguins are gorgeous),an hours drive to Addo Elephant Park, The Boardwalk, Maitland Beach, Kings Beach, Horse Riding, Snake Park, the list is endless people! Get here! It may be called the ‘windy city’ but it is also known as ‘the Friendly City’.

  31. Where can I buy some of these photo’s?

    • Hi Terry-Lynn, none of these photos are for sale yet, to my knowledge, but you can visit the Port Elizabeth Facebook page and contact any of the photo posters by clicking on their profile, perhaps they allow prints to be made of their photos 🙂

  32. Astonishing images – can’t wait to visit


  34. Even though I have been in Jhb for 40 years, I, to this day, still refer to PE as “home”. PE is a beautiful place and I am proud to have been born a Port Elizabethan.

  35. Hi… please advise what other activities there are for kids? Planning a week long family holiday, not sure how to keep them entertained during that period.
    Suggestions would be most welcome.

    • Bayworld and the adjoining museum gives you seals, penguins, aquarium, dinosaurs,snake park, crocodiles an the indoor museum too; SAMREC also for penguns; Addo Elephant Park is 45 minutes away; St. George’s Park and The Boardwalk is good for day and evenings with the music, lights and fountains show at 8pm and 9pm every night. Four beaches along the beachfront, plenty of cafes. Further across town for the youngsters, there is Holmeleigh Farm, The Pink Fig, Africa Sky’s, Windsor’s Play Area and on the edge of town, Open Sky, which is a huge new play park.

    • Kragga Kamma Game park and Sea View Lion park are worth a visit

  36. I agree, Port Elizabeth is one of the most beautiful places I have been to and will always return. Great people and good humour. A hidden Gem!

    • Clearly you have not been to many places.

  37. Mmmm, wish I was there!

  38. I proof exactly this every day through Port Elizabeth Daily Photo. PE is a stunning place with many beautiful places to explore every day

  39. Pragtig!

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