The best gelato in Italy: Cioccolat’Italiani


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Yes, yes, I know that there are whole websites dedicated to finding the official best gelato in Italy. But if you love chocolate, and you love gelato, then let me narrow things down for you: you need to go to Cioccolat’Italiani in Milan.

Why? Because it is famous for being the chocolatiest, creamiest, most heavenly gelato money can be. It is also just a few steps (literally) away from TownHouse Street Duomo (the only place you should stay in Milan) which is handy if you feel like a gelato during rush hour – all afternoon – and don’t want to stand in line waiting for your number to be called. Just pop home for half an hour and come back, refreshed, for the best ice-cream of your life.

That’s because Cioccolat’Italiani specialises not only in gelato, but in chocolate. The real deal, best of the best, crème de la crème chocolate. Which they pour – in liquid form – into the bottom of your wafer cone. I’m talking 75% chocolate from the Dominican Republich, liquid Nerofuso Venezuala in the bottom of a light fresh cone, and fresh, creamy, silky gelato to top it all off. This is what Cornetto dreams it could be…

Of course, it’s not all chocolate. There are also all kinds of nutty flavours, a whole range of fruity, berry flavours, and the more classic, simple options – vanilla, crema, that kind of thing. But in my opinion, if you’re going to wait 45 minutes for an ice cream from the chocolate experts (and you are, at rush hour) you might as well go for an all-chocolate hit. Because believe it or not, it is worth the wait.

This is smooth, rich, heavenly and full-flavoured gelato… A version of ice cream that dreams are made of!

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