The Creamery: handmade ice cream

Every so often I will have an experience so delightful I can’t stop talking about it for days… Sometimes even weeks. Visiting The Creamery was one such experience.

For starters, it is a handmade ice cream shop. Really, do I need to say any more? I don’t think so. But just in case I do, allow me to tell you that this is no ordinary handmade ice cream shop, this is one where they only make and sell purely natural ice cream, with ingredients they buy from local family farms. They make sure they have the best eggs, and cream, and they make ice cream the old-fashioned way: in small batches, by hand.

The result is simply outstanding. We were lucky enough to be introduced to the ice cream process and see first-hand just how handmade their ice cream is (and what splendid ingredients go into their ever-evolving list of flavours) and then we had an ice cream tasting. Or should I say: An Ice Cream Tasting. It is deserving of capital letters, believe you me!

Nine different kinds of ice cream in sweet three-square tasting dishes (which meant three rounds of ice cream tasties, be still my beating heart!) Everything from sea salt caramel to apple crumble to pecan nut to sweet potato and toasted marshmallow, chocolate and orange curd swirl and (the crème de la crème) limited edition chorizo and toasted almond. Yip, chorizo as in sausage. These guys are on the cutting edge of ice cream making in South Africa.

If you’re looking for an experience as memorable as it is delicious, head on over to The Creamery for one of their tasting workshops, or join the Ice Cream Club and get three limited edition flavours to sample every month… Mmmm.

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