The world’s most colourful beaches

There are more to beaches than just white sand. Not only are there beaches that are as black as night, but also candyfloss pink ones. Here are a couple of colourful must-see beaches around the world:

Santorini’s Red Beach Akrotiri, Greek Islands

This red beach wonder is one of the most beautiful beaches in Santorini, located near the village of Akrotiri. The beach is very tiny, which means it gets packed fast. Many people come to admire the beach because of the slabs of red and black volcanic rocks behind it. The beach can be reached either by boat – there are several connecting Red Beach with Perissa and Akrotiri or by foot  – 10 minutes walk from Akrotiri. Don’t miss this red-hot treasure next time you’re island hopping in Greece.

Punaluʻu Beach, Hawaii

This is definitely one of the most famous black sand beaches. The black sand is made of basalt that is created by lava flowing into the ocean, which explodes as it reaches the ocean and cools. The black sand looks and feels almost like charcoal, which is fascinating, yet strange at the same time. Not many people frequent this beach for a tan, but it’s without a doubt a must-see.

Pink beach at Harbor Island, Eleuthera, Bahamas

How romantic? Considered to be one of the best beaches to visit in the Bahamas, Pink Beach stretches almost 5km long. Why is the sand pink? It comes from tiny microscopic shelled animals known as Foraminifera. This animal has a bright pink/ red shell with holes, through which it extends a footing. It then uses this to attach and feed. A gorgeous destination for couples. What could be better than having a lovely picnic on a pink beach?

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