These are the world’s strangest delicacies

From eating fishy Salmon Roe to chowing down on bird’s nest soup, there are some pretty interesting delicacies out there. Some might sound less appetizing than others, though.

Here are a couple of the strangest delicacies from around the world:

Tuna Eyeball – Japan

This you can find in most Japanese food stores for next to nothing. They are apparently very tasty, both boiled and raw. Apparently it tastes a lot like squid; but I don’t know, it looks pretty slimy to me.

Salo – Ukraine

Now this is in essence hardened pig fat, traditionally eaten as a snack to accompany vodka. You can eat it smoked, raw, boiled or fried. It is usually stored in a very cool place, where it will last about a year. If left too long it turns yellow and is used as a protection for leather boots.

Balut – Philippines

Baby bird anyone? Known as ‘a treat with feet’, this is a fertilized egg which has been buried underground. When the embryo is nearly developed it is boiled and eaten. This might not be for everyone…

Cuy Bien – Peru

Peruvians love this dish, perhaps because it is so high in protein and low in fat. The dish is basically roasted guinea pig. The taste has often been compared to than of a rabbit or even a rat. Rabbit maybe yes, not sure about the rat part.

Casu Marzu – Sardinia

If you are a lover of extra, extra mature cheese, then this might just be for you. This goat’s milk cheese is left for ages, until it is invested with maggots. Some people prefer taking them out before eating the cheese, whilst others leave them in for that something extra – saying the cheese tastes better after passing through the maggot’s digestive system. Not exactly the same as blue cheese, right?


Photos via Flickr.

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