We Look Forward To Ending 2016 With A Bang!

Another eventful year is just about to go by and here at Travelstart HQ we always want to make sure that we end it in style. We appreciate all the hard work that everybody puts in just to make sure Travelstart stays great and that’s why we only plan mind-blowing year-end functions! This year the idea was to surprise the team by announcing the year-end theme and dress code in a spectacular manner.
Travelstart Year-end function 2016

Travelstart Year-end Function 2016

A “secret society” (as we’d like to call them) which was made up of randomly selected Travelstarters from across various departments was approached and rounded up to take part in a dance routine.They only had a few weeks to secretly rehearse and finally present the routine to the entire Travelstart team. On the announcement day Travelstarters were tricked into assembling for a ‘fake fire drill’ and to their surprise an exciting Cotton Eyed Joe dance routine, plus the year-end function theme was presented!

Welcome to The Wild Wild West!

The 2016 Travelstart year-end function will be a Wild Wild West cowboy / girl themed event and Cotton Eyed Joe will be the theme song. Our ranch will be located at the beautiful Suikerbosse in Houtbay which is the perfect setting for a fun-filled evening. We all eagerly await to put our “hoes down” and have a great show to mark the end of a successful 2016.

Watch the video below to see how the performance played out.

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