UK Website Sells Divorce Package Trips

DR is the perfect destination for couples who want to get a divorce

Photo by Jaklien

A website called has started offering  package deals to the Dominican Republic for unhappy British couples. In some countries filing for a divorce can take a very long time. But in the Dominican Republic it could be as quick as ten minutes. In the US the Dominican Republic  is already a popular destination for couples looking for a quick break and even celebrities such as Mariah Carey and Mia Farrow allegedly filed their divorces here. And now UK couples can do so too.

The web company was set up by couple Aimee and Benjamin Edwards. The couple was already offering support through the divorce process for couples in the UK. However: “We were hearing from our clients that the process wasn’t fast enough in Britain, that’s why we came up with this and we can accommodate any needs.” In the UK it can take up to two years of separation before a couple can even start a divorce. Aimee and Benjamin claim that foreigners who want to file for divorce in the D.R. will be treated as if they were residents there and that the divorce would be recognised in the UK.

For the amount of £4,500 organises everything for you. According to the site the package trips include ‘flights and hotel,and transport to and from the airport,  a translator waiting for you in the Caribbean, a Power of Attorney for the person staying home, a notarised translation of all the court documents from English to Spanish, a notarised translation of your divorce from Spanish to English, a lawyer to file your divorce, court costs and Finally… YOUR DIVORCE!’

Couples can make the trip together or if things have really gone haywire, one spouse can make the trip. Aimee and Benjamin have gotten some negative reactions to their site from people claiming that it undermines the institution of marriage. However I think that if a couple has decided to split, the damage is already done. Splitting up is never fun, but at least this way there is some sun at the end of the tunnel.

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