What Kind Of Traveller Are You?

Take this quiz and reveal your true travel persona in less than 60 seconds!

Which travel persona are you? Let us know your results in the comments below!

Our Readers Comments

  1. Backpacker… spot on 😀
    Wouldn’t mind being a socialite jetsetter, but I’ve never owned any other luggage besides my backpack 😀

  2. I am the Intrepid Explorer…it’s me to the T

  3. Wow, I’m a Socialite Jetsetter. Interesting!!!

  4. What a joke, I’m so not a tour group tourist – couldn’t think of anything worse! Book everything myself and stay in apartments….oh well 😛

  5. I am an Europe lover and my favourite Cities Vienna Salzburg Rothenburg Cochem Munich innsbruck Amsterdam Paris etc

  6. twilight years?? Ive just passed 30!! 😛

  7. I am a spend the kids inheretage pensioner traveler. Go to all the nice places.

  8. Love travelling and would like to do so more often!

  9. I’m a train, bus, boat, and often, lone traveler, who prefers at least one close co-traveler. You go where you want, when you want, with as little baggage as possible.

  10. I am not fond of group tours. I like doing my own thing.

  11. The only group I travel with is my family.

  12. Socialite Jetsetter……hmmm, I can live with that. …..

  13. No ways am I a Tour Group Tourist!!!! The options are not wide enough. I travel with my partner and we just love the history and sites of the world.

  14. Yes. 100% correct. I am a cruiser. So, let me know when there are specials available or float for free. Thanks.

  15. Tour group Tourist? Like Suzie, I’m far from that. Always travel only with a good friend. Hate organised tours!

  16. A tour group tourist! Never! Explore everything on my own. No groups for me please.

  17. I’m a tour group tourist.

  18. I am a socialite jetsetter 🙂

  19. Tour Group Tourist? Can’t think of anything more horrifying than being held to time and schedule when I start to explore….

  20. I am a TOUR GROUP TOURIST…. I HATE Tour groups! never been part of one either..

  21. what the…!!! apparently im a tour group tourist 🙁

    damn silly 60second quiz….LOL

  22. Tour Group Tourist doesn’t actually describe me at all. I would NEVER shame a tour guide – they are far too knowledgeable – but for want of different options, I had to choose something. I don’t even own an iPhone, for starters!! I’ve been to Paris and Rome, but I want to go back!! I also want to go on a cruise, just for the experience.

  23. Jetsetter is correct, but Im definitely not a socialite jetsetter and I have to pay for my own trips!

  24. I am a socialite jetsetter and love it!!

  25. Totally wrong. I am supposed to be a cruise ship voyager and I can think of nothing worse. No thank you !

    • I agree, I chose Macchu Pichu, and again Monte Carlo. I wouldn’t have chosen I ship to get to either, but got Cruise Ship Voyager both times… oh well, not very accurate I guess, but are any of these things actually…

  26. cruise ship voyager

  27. I am a CRUISE SHIP tripper! This is what I have been planning for some time….

  28. At 60 nothing wrong with being a backpacker hey

  29. Apparently I’m a business tripper. Hmm must be the New York thing. I like it! Would have loved to be a high five business hotshot; -)

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