When in Barcelona, eat at TOTO


One of the (few) things I don’t like about exploring new cities is the fact that you have to find somewhere to eat every night and, let’s be honest, there are a lot of dodgy and disappointing spots out there. That’s why I would like to let you in on a little secret: when in Barcelona, eat at TOTO.

We found this marvellous little gem entirely by accident. We were wandering around looking for a place that was open on a Sunday night (most restaurants in Barcelona are not, FYI!) and, more importantly, that would top our tapas experience of the night before. TOTO didn’t only top it, but far exceeded it.

There’s a separate restaurant and bar/tapas section, and we sat in the bar area, which was absolutely stunning. Beautiful light fixtures, stunning décor, and a great vibe. They had just launched their new tapas menu (lucky us!) and we gladly made our way through about eight different options. It’s an Italian-inspired menu, so apparently the combinations were quite Italian, but when something is that delicious I tend not to mind where it gets its inspiration.

The focus is on slow food, so it’s all beautifully fresh ingredients, simply prepared. The kind of food that bursts with flavour and goodness as soon as you take a mouthful. We were a group of five, which makes eating tapas an absolute joy (you can get a taste of everything!) and we had everything from blue cheese and polenta to a platter of cured meats, fresh mozzarella and the best caponata (aubergine relish) I have ever had in my life… As well as heaps of beautifully crusty bread and a divine chocolate flourless cake to finish. And perhaps a bottle or two of red wine and cava (Spanish bubbly).

Fabulous service, great vibe, and spectacular food. If you’re in Barcelona, go to TOTO! Just don’t tell me, or I’ll be jealous…

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