“The Valley of Spirits” − when you are hungry in Jerusalem

RestaurantThe street Emek Refaim (which literally means “The Valley of Spi.jpgrits”) is situated somewhat south of central Jerusalem. Along both sides of the street there are very many restaurants and cafés. Thursday and Saturday evenings it is a good idea to order a table in advance. Otherwise you might have to wait a long time. (Friday evenings and Saturdays, on the other hand, most restaurants and cafés are closed because of the Jewish Sabbath.)

On Emek Refaim there are both cheap and expensive restaurants; eating-places serving meat dishes, fish, hamburgers, pi.jpgzza, salads and much more. Below I have described a few of the restaurants that I think tourists will appreciate.

One of the meat restaurants that can be recommended is Olive, which serves meat in all forms you can imagine. If you like hamburgers, I highly recommend Burgers Bar (The link is to another branch of Burgers Bar, but they all have the same menu and the same style.), which offers eight different sauces with its delicious burgers. Their chicken salad is also very popular, as well as several other dishes.

Caffit is a restaurant where no meat is served. Instead the guests in the two-floor restaurant can enjoy different kinds of salad, pasta, soup, etc. The salad containing sweet potato, grated cheese, oregano and other good things can especially be recommended. When it is time for dessert at Caffit, the waiter comes to the table with a large tray full of very tempting delicacies. Then it is impossible to resist.

So, when you are in Jerusalem next time, do not forget to visit Emek Refaim. Whether it is time for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will always find a suitable place to appease your hunger.

Enjoy your meal!

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