10 Of The Best Johannesburg Coffee Shops

Joburg, with its vast urban sprawl, is home to a number of well-appointed coffee shops nestled in and among the high rises. These are just a few of many favourite Johannesburg coffee shops that locals love, and travelling business people return to time after time.

Father Coffee, Braamfontein

Father Coffee is in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

This sidewalk coffee roastery and espresso bar has got a lot of people talking, with their trendy interior and delicious coffee. Father Coffee serve coffee roasted in-house, and sourced from Central America and Africa. Their shop, comfortably located in the inner city suburb of Braamfontein, enjoys a loyal following of businessmen, students and creative sparks from the area. This is a Joburg favourite for a quick takeaway on your way to work or during a lunch break.

Contact Father Coffee: 082 513 4258 / 082 411 1431 | View location

Doubleshot Coffee & Tea, Braamfontein

Doubleshot coffee & tea in Johannesburg.

Another Braamfontein hotspot, this corner cafe serves one of the best double shot flat whites you will ever taste. The coffee shop is full of coffee beans and other paraphernalia, and the bar counter seating looks out onto the streets of Joburg.  This is a great spot to sit back and absorb the back and forth of inner city life while enjoying the aroma of roasting coffee wafting around you.

Contact Doubleshot Coffee & Tea: 011 100 5241 | View location

Bean There Coffee Company, Milpark

Bean There's shop at 44 Stanley in Milpark, Johannesburg.

Bean There is one of Joburg’s most established and darling purveyors of lovingly roasted coffee. Not only are they serious about serving good coffee, but sourcing Fairtrade coffee too, ensuring reasonable interaction and trading between coffee farmers, the middlemen, and coffee roasters. Their coffee is rich in flavour and their shop at 44 Stanley is a relaxed space where you can take some well earned time out.

Contact Bean There: 087 310 3100 | View location

Origin Coffee Roasting, Maboneng

Origin Coffee Roasting Johannesburg.

Having spent some time in Cape Town’s coffee shops, and discovering a love for Origin’s coffee in that city, this coffee shop holds a special place in my heart. Origin Coffee serves a number of different blends, including their winter blend which is a combination of Indian and Brazilian beans. Order a cup of coffee at the bar counter, settle in to the communal seating area and meet someone new, or get some work done. The Origin Coffee store in the Maboneng Precinct is a trendy, restful hide with friendly staff and superb coffee.

Contact Origin Coffee Roasters: 021 421 1000 | View location

Jozi Blue, Glenhazel

Jozi Blue is located in Glenhazel, Johannesburg.

With their five grinders and two espresso machines Jozi Blue take coffee very seriously. Barista, Shmuel Montrose, is not just a coffee shop owner but a coffee connoisseur. Jozi Blue serve two options of espresso beans daily – one single origin African bean and a single origin Central American bean. You can also choose from a range of Bean There, Doubleshot or Union coffee beans to have as a pour over or espresso. Shmuel’s aim at Jozi Blue is that everyone who walks in to his coffee shop will leave happier, and I must say he knows what he is doing.

Contact Jozi Blue: 011 440 3798 | View location

Vintage Coffee, Centurion

Vintage Coffee - a Non-Profit coffee shop in Centurion.

New to the Gauteng coffee scene, Vintage Coffee is unlike any other coffee shop. They’re a Non-Profit coffee shop, and each month their profits go to an organization chosen by their customers. On receiving your cup of coffee you are given a token with which you can choose, out of three options, where you’d like to see the profits go. Vintage Coffee serves a blend of Central American and African coffee which is incredibly flavoursome.

Contact Vintage Coffee: 074 548 9339 | View location

Afric Black, Northriding

Afric Black and Stil Coffee Roastery in Randburg.

Home to Stil Coffee’s Roastery, Afric Black is all about the caffeine. They buy their coffee from Rainforest Alliance Farms, an organisation that helps protect both farmers, as well as the environment, through the coffee process. Choose from the espresso of the day, or a simple Pour Over, equally full of flavour. Afric Black sell bags of single origin beans or blends, and you can sign up for one of the many courses they offer, as well as free coffee cuppings on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Contact Afric Black: 011 462 2443 | View location

Motherland, Rosebank

Motherland Coffee shop in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

With shops around the country, in the short space of a year Motherland Coffee has grown to be a formidable force on the South African coffee scene. Using a blend of Bean There coffee, Motherland is an upbeat coffee shop which caters to the on the go lifestyle of Joburg. Motherland are committed to serving high quality espresso based drinks and have stayed true to their African roots, serving African coffee beans full of both fruity and chocolate flavours.

Contact Motherland Rosebank: 011 447 8125 | View location

4th Avenue Coffee Roasters, Parkhurst

4th Avenue Coffee Roasters, Parkhurst.

Wonderfully eccentric with its large pink coffee roaster, 4th Avenue Coffee Roasters fits well into the vibe of this popular Joburg neighbourhood. Roasting their own coffee, the aromas in this coffee shop will keep you seated and ordering coffee aplenty. A great coffee shop to spend a quiet morning at getting some work done, and if you are not up for a cuppa then you can also buy beans, freshly roasted and packaged while you wait.

Contact 4th Avenue Coffee Roasters: 078 622 1107 | View location

The Whippet, Linden

The Whippet

This trendy Linden coffee shop is named after a breed of dog, The Whippet. But not only are the owners known for their animal loving attributes, they’re also striving to change the coffee shop industry by creating a love for neighbours’ goods, and incorporating local bakers and coffee roasters into one space. Their coffee is strong and their baked goods are heavenly, so make sure you stop in to The Whippet when in Joburg next.

Contact The Whippet: 011 782 7310 | View location

These 10 Johannesburg coffee shops have set the tone for a burgeoning coffee culture in Joburg; each is uniquely passionate about the craft of brewing artisan coffee as they are serving it. Passion, creativity, and coffee knowledge are what support the growth of Joburg’s coffee scene, and coffee shops such as these embody these values to the last sip!

Our Readers Comments

  1. -“Soul Cafe COFFEE & ART” – : a guaranteed amazing voyage of discovery – a Milkshake-Art-Music hangout … most incredible milkshakes, coffees, and eats whilst you view the art gallery of unique paintings, whilst awesome ambience driven by fabulous music. A must for family outings, biker weekend run stop-offs, etc. Address: Shop 12, Mulbarton Shopping Centre, 4 True N Rd, Mulbarton, Johannesburg, 2190
    Phone: 011 432 2419

  2. I also think that GURU’s in Parktown North is a must on this list. Best place to do admin. Free wifi and BRILLIANT coffee……… and snacks. Powerpoints for laptops all over.

    My favorite……

  3. hi there! im trying to track down a gentleman who owns a coffee roastery.. his name is Rusty or Burn, and drives a real nice KTM bike.. anyone have any clue which company is his? silver haired gentleman. if anyopne has any idea.. please drop me an email Kimi.scheepers@gmail.com

    any info will be so helpfull

  4. These are some of the by far greatest coffee places.If you a fan for great coffee like i am, check out http://www.moreflavour.co.za/ for great deals on coffee makers, my personal favourite is the Aeropress coffee maker.

  5. father coffee in Braamfontein, good and nicely brewd coffee.

  6. I had the worst coffee in jozi bryanston crammerview shopping centre French corner bakery service crap pastry crap!!!ooophss disappointed

  7. Hello all !

    I hope this message finds you well, Im currently gathering research as to why a global chain such as Starbucks failed to gain entry into the South African market.

    I would appreciate if you can mention some factors ! thanks !

    • Hi Tarek,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I’m afraid we would not be able to answer your question.

      I would suggest you contact them direct, they should be able to shed more light on this.

      Best of luck.

    • Starbucks are coming to South Africa very soon, so we will see…I suspect they will be very popular here too.

    • Hi Gus,

      I know, this is pretty exciting. Sure they going to be really popular. Wonder if they will also be on every corner 😀

  8. Article is about 10 best coffee places in Johannesburg yet not one store from the heart of Jozi, the CBD , features. Braamfontein and Maboneng aren’t really inner city. I’d say Cramers should be in the list, they make great coffee and the service is refreshingly superb. A recently opened shop is within Bank City, called Flight. Not sure I’d place in top ten yet but worth checking out if you happen to be in the city

    • Hi Trevor,

      Thanks for the feedback and tips, we always welcome this.

      We could feature your suggestions should we do another blog on this.

      Will be sure to try them out next time im in Johannesburg.

  9. What about the perfect cup in Parkview?

  10. if you’ve had a cold coffee at 4th i invite you to come and speak to the snooty old woman and i will gladly give you a nice hot one on the house. As far as service goes i am aware that we take a little longer than most, but we are working on it. Any constructive criticism is appreciated…….feel the love people and may The Bean be with you x

  11. Naked Coffee, Melrose Arch – definitely #1 (run by an Aussie, so of course).

  12. Sorry to read the negative comments about 4th Avenue Roasters, as I love it there! Delicious brew, relaxed vibe, warm staff and regular customers who have become friends, make it a place I visit often.

    • 4th Avenue has the best coffee in Johannesburg.The staff is also super awesome

  13. You have left off Naked Coffee, Melrose Arch – That should be top of the list.



  15. Hey coffee family,if ever in the Centurion area,check out caffee Lecheimi..awesome fresh and delish!!!

  16. You’d think that in choosing a member of the 10 best coffee spots they’d spell the name correctly… It’s AfricBlack in Northriding, not Africa Black. They are good though; unpretentious and very good coffee.

  17. Definitely Origin!

  18. Another little gem would be Junipa’s Coffee Roasters in Bryanston. They roast a host of different beans from Central and South America to Africa, India and Indonesia. The Roaster then delicately blends these beans to produce the most awesome coffee. The Roastery is also attached to the most divine Artisan Bakery where they have won the award for the best croissants and cronuts in Johannesburg to name a few… for more details you can get them on http://www.junipas.co.za . Really worth checking them out.

    • I will be trying that sample you gave me this morning, Julian – many thanks! previously, I was doing about 6 double cappies a day so I am down to two! We enjoyed our lunch at Junipa’s yesterday and this was our first time; the service was slick, too. We will definitely be returning. We actually went for the coffee and legendary croissants, which were sold out.

      This is a good list. At times, service does falter at 4th Ave, where I have bought loads of coffee for home use – great blend though. I will be checking out Jozi Blue, Father Coffee and Vintage asap. Tops for me (for now) is still Origin, Doubleshot, Stil/Africa Black, Bean There. Junipa’s, Perfect Cup, Warm and Glad need drinking time from me. Woolies (Tribeca) and Seattle (one of the best blends around IMO), do a great job, too. I get great service mostly because I befriend the baristas and discuss the coffee. For me, as far as coffee shops go, it is only about the coffee; decor, food, service, vibe, etc are secondary. Everybody has their own spot; tell us as we continue the search for the perfect cup :).

  19. The coffee shop in Parkhurst that had been recommended is the worst ever. Terrible service, snooty woman old woman behind the counter, a very poor variety of eats and drinks offered and a feable atmosphere. Close the doors.

  20. Yay to jozi blue!!! They’re awesome! Seriously awesome coffee and yummy baked goods to tempt you to break your diet 😛

  21. How is Warm & Glad not on this list? Ridiculous.

  22. Motherland in Rosebank is definitely one of my favourites. Absolutely love it!

  23. An old favouirite to get away from the hussle and to get a caffeine fix is Pino’s in Fox street, fabulous coffee and personalised attention.

  24. One of my favorites is The Perfect Cup in the Parkview Shopping Centre. Great selection of coffees, freshly roasted on the premises. Great service, friendly atmosphere and fab coffee.

  25. You should have a look at Warm & Glad on Jan Smuts, in Craighall.

    It’s superb,

  26. Some fine coffee shops on the list. Just wonder how much is paid to get on the list? Another favorite of mine worthy of making the list is Caffe Fresco in the Benmore Gardens shopping center. Great coffee and gourmet food, and I particularly like the fact that you can select your own blend and brewing method whether it is Aeropress, pour over, Turkish or espresso machine.

    • Hi Etienne,

      We don’t take payment from any of the establishments listed. These lists are the culmination of a number of factors including popularity amongst our online communities, as well as the trusted insights of the writer; in this case respected South African coffee writer Phillipa Rowney. Caffe Fresco sounds great – I agree all those brewing methods are the business. Will be sure to check it out next time I’m in Joburg.

      Thanks again for commenting,

  27. I love my coffee and since I am on the Jhb roads daily, I get to sample the offerings in different parts of Jozi.
    I have to agree with Kitty that 4th Avenue Roasters does not belong on this list . My experience is the same, cold coffee and, shoddy service .
    Beans About Coffee at Stoneridge deserves to be on this list.
    Bean There is one of my faves.

  28. Terence – Cramers rocks!!

  29. Hodges Coffee House in The Colony, Jan Smuts. Fantastic service, nothing too much trouble. Food great & the coffee aroma is like a Pied Piper

  30. Great round up. Have you tried Croft & coffee in Tyrone Avenue, Parkview?

    • Croft unfortunately sell Illy coffee which will never be on par with fresh, independent sourced and roasted beans.

  31. This article has no credibility or appeal seeing that the best coffee shop and most popular one in Joburg was not mentioned! Cramers is one of the true original coffee shops situated on Main Street in the heart of Jozi!! You’re not a coffee shop if you have a eatout menu but rather the term cafe should be used! The people at Cramers are all students and have such am amazing vibe. I work in the city and it makes my every day worth while and they always put a smile on my face!!! Fuckit I’m gonna go get a coffee now… Peace People!

    • Cramers serve Bean There coffee so essentially it’s kinda featured 😉

    • I’m meeting the shadow minister of tourism today, and having lived in Parkhurst until 2008, I might suggest your spot. As an old friend from our 20s, i loved Carla’s bookshop…is she still there, at the end of the street?

  32. Glad to see Vintage Coffee in the list, great coffee with an amazing cause!

  33. I have to be honest that I have been to most of these coffee places being a bit of a coffee freak. Warm & Glad in Craighall Park bad isn’t either. Whippet makes a mean cappuccino, but I found the coffee at Double Shot quite average. Father coffee is definitely for the connoisseur where it’s more about the coffee rather than the speed/service so you wait for you coffee dammit!

    I will probably get shot for saying this (I know there are coffee drinkers in Jozi who secretly agree) but Seattle makes really great coffee. The service is awesome and they know what they are doing. I could go as far to say that I have had a better coffee at Seattle from the Caltex in Rosebank than most of the coffee places in your Top 10 list.

    • I completely agree. Most of the time the commercial chain coffee shops get overlooked because they are not “unique” enough or because they are attended by the “masses” but Seattle has always kept a high standard of coffee making.

    • Couldn’t agree more re the seattle comment. Nice to know you can get a (mostly) consistent, decent cup of coffee and that there are so many around these days. I find Woolies is often very good as well. Usually my second choice if there’s no Seattle closeby.

      Anyone know of a decent coffee app that helps you find a good cup of coffee near your location? I’ve used DGC but I find it doesn’t have enough listings. There are plenty of places that serve great coffee in joburg, just wish they were easier to find without the trial and error.

  34. There’s nothing better than a great coffee shop, so thank you for the list. I adore The Whippet. Am surprised to see Origins Maboneng there – they’ve had such teething troubles that I’ve yet to get a decent cup out of them. Most importantly, you’ve omitted the best of all – Guru in Parktown North – its like walking into your mom’s home – warm, welcoming, friendly, feels like you’re part of the family.

  35. Jozi Blue is a regular of mine and I can certainly second that you will always walk out feeling better about life. There is also always the really exotic option at Jozi Blue too. In the past La Hacienda Esmarelda in a syphon at R70 may sound ridiculous but Shmuel often has that “one off – must try” type coffee too. And it is worthwhile too.
    It is my happy place!!

  36. Parks Cafe in Parkwood. Best coffee, fabulous food and on a Friday and Saturday listen to Lebo playing the guitar. Thank goodness now open on a Sunday morning for breakfast

  37. HOUSE OF COFFEE in Pretoria.

  38. This is the one thing I miss so much about South Africa, the fabulous coffee shops. It is so unique, so cozy and wonderfully soothing. Nowhere in the East Coast of the big USA will you find something remotely familiar.

    • I absolutely agree. I was shocked when I was in NY and Washington in July and all I could find was Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks. Can’t stand the place.

    • Actually, there are some amazing artisan roasters and coffee spots in the U.S. (Esp. NYC & DC) One just needs to know what one’s looking for.

  39. We’ve been to 4th Avenue and found the service terrible, coffee cold and we waited for ever for our lunch. This can’t be one of the best 10. Rather the worst 10!

    • I was also surprised to see 4th Avenue, I had a similar experience there and definitely won’t go back.

  40. Can add fresh culture cafe on Corlette drive and beans about coffee in Edenvale to that list!!!!

  41. Great post! One comment, isn’t Centurion technically a part of Pretoria?

  42. Am pleased to say I’ve been to several of these and am off to the Whippet tomorrow. A worthy bucket list to work through and to support over and over again!

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