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10 Fascinating Travel Infographics

1. Languages of the World by Infographic Genius Alberto Lucas Lópes

Lópes is an award-winning Graphics Director at South China Morning Post in Hong Kong. Have a look at his beautiful representation of the world’s 23 most-spoken languages and the regions in which they are spoken.

Source – Alberto Lucas Lópes via Bored Panda

2. When to Tip, when not to Tip

Source – The Restaurant Choice via Life Hacker

3. China’s Vision to link the UK and America by Rail

One day you could board a train in Beijing and only hours later be in London, or in Canada, or New York. Have a look at Lópes’ visual summary of China’s incredible railway vision.

Source – Alberto Lucas Lópes

4. The Ultimate Chocolate Travel Guide

Love chocolate, will travel:

Source – Love Home Swap via Food Beast

5. The Lowdown on SA’s Domestic Carriers

The plane facts that help you compare luggage allowances, seat pitch and local destinations:

6. Forty Tourist Scams You Should Know Before You Go

South Africans are savvy travelers but even the most travel-hardened among us can still get caught unawares. This useful travel infographic helps you outsmart the skelms, whether it be in a bazaar in Istanbul or by the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Source – Just the Flight

7. Milk and 1 Sugar Please

Which tea to drink where and how to make the perfect brew around the world.

Source – Fine Dining Lovers via Pinterest

8. Pro Tips to get the Best Shot

Whether you’re posting them to Instagram or making an old-school album, here’s a travel infographic that gives useful tips to get the best out of your holiday snaps:

Source – The Daily Mail via Pinterest

9. Visit Real-Life Game of Thrones

In the wake of the nail-biting, gut-wrenching final episode of season 5, plan a trip to your favourite Game of Thrones locations:

Source – Go Euro Blog

10. Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets in South Africa

Based on our research and experience, Travelstart brings you some handy tips and tricks on the best time to buy your airline tickets.

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