10 Tips for Surviving a Long Flight

Flight (photo courtesy of Swami Stream)
I'm a relatively tall fellow, and every year I take long haul flights between 9-15 hours. 

There was a time when I used to dread these flights, but with a little practice, I have developed a routine that allows me to handle them comfortably. Here are my Top 10 tips for surviving a long flight. 

10. Sleep as little as possible the night before your flight. The more tired you are, the easier it will be to fall asleep. Time of course passes quickly while you are sleepi.jpgng.  

9. Drink as little as possible before and during the flight – going to the toilet in-flight is almost always inconvenient. 

8. Take a book, but be sure that it's a fictional page-turner. Don't take an intellectually challenging, technical or non-fiction book. You need light entertainment for your flights. I have a habit of reading Douglas Adams books, or travel novels, when I fly. 

7. Sudoku. If you don't know what it is, learn. Sudoku has the ability to turn hours into minutes.  

6. Watch a movie or explore your music collection. (sorry, this one is a bit obvious) 

5. Don't watch the clock. Remove your watch if you have one. Time moves slowly when you look at it.

4. Wear several layers of clothing. You want to be a comfortable temperature throughout your flight, and sometimes cabin temperature can fluctuate during long flights. 

3. Read something about your destination. If you are on your way to a country or city you have never been to, take something to read about the place.   

2. Meditate or contemplate. Life is busy, and it's not often we are forced to sit in one chair for 12+ hours. Use the time to relax your mind, and take time to think about things you've possibly neglected in your day to day life. Think of the past, present and future. 

1. Write a to-do list, or do things you sometimes put off. For me, I never take the time to write family or friends post cards, so I always take a few postcards for long flights.  

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